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La Bresse is a commune with 3618 inhabitants ( 1 January 2011) in the department of Vosges in the Lorraine region. It belongs to the district Epinal, capital is ( chef-lieu ) of the Canton of La Bresse and which was established in 2006 Kommunalverband Mynes et Hautes -Vosges du sud.

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The small town of La Bresse is located on the upper Moselle in the Vosges Mountains in the far southeast of Lorraine and bordered to the south of the region of Franche -Comté. Remiremont, the nearest large town is 24 kilometers from La Bresse.

The municipal area of La Bresse extends from the valley of the Mosel, which is about 1000 meters wide here, up to the ridge lines in the northeast and south of the village. In the northeast, the highest elevation is reached in the community with 950 meters. In the south is done with the Col du Croix at 679 meters above sea level, the transition to a high plateau that forms the watershed to the basin of the Rhone. In the municipality lead coming from the south mountain streams Ruisseau Le Ruisseau de Vacceux and Couard; of the north of the parish formative Menil flows into the neighboring municipality of Ramon Champ into the Moselle.

The forests, which account for almost half of the 15.14 km ² municipal area, owned by the forest areas Bois du Hinguenet and Forêt Domaniale you Géhand. The height of almost 500 meters above sea level in the upper Moselle valley to be no economic crops, so pastures dominate the drag on the slopes to the high altitudes.

The town center with the church of Saint -Jean -Baptiste Located on the right bank of the Moselle. The settlement axes of La Bresse and the east subsequent face -sur -Moselle are along the Moselle now grown together. Another settlement axis Le Thillots is transverse to the Moselle Valley, integrates them the hamlet of Le Prey. Other districts are Les Ves in the Northeast and Les Mines in the south. These are accumulations of mountain farms.

Neighboring communities of La Bresse La Bresse are in the north, face -sur -Moselle to the east, Haut-du - Them -Château -Lambert and Ramon Champ in the West.


Already in Roman times led the way from Metz to Basel on the upper Moselle valley and thus by La Bresse. Before the French Revolution was one of the scattered settlement pattern to La Bresse for possession of the abbesses of the Chapitre de Remiremont. The church today La Bresse was created by the removal of the Ban de Ramon Champ on June 30, 1860 by ministerial decree. The name probably comes from the French Bresse word tilia ( linden ), which also appears as a central symbol of the coat of arms.

Between 1560 and 1760 were operated by the dukes of Lorraine south of La Bresse copper mines. At this period still remembers the name of the local part Les Mines. Some of the tunnels and mouth holes were backed up in recent times and made ​​available to visitors ( Mine ).

Until the mid- 19th century, the inhabitants lived by agriculture and livestock while the peasants earned as a lumberjack, craftsmen, carpenters, shoemakers wood or teamster their maintenance. After 1870, the textile industry experienced a new, improved flowering through the settlement of companies Alsatian owners who were fleeing from the Germans. In the 1970s, the decline of the textile industry began. Gradually new jobs were created, including the plastics and metal processing and mechanical engineering.


The population of the municipality of La Bresse evidence of the recovery and the loss of many jobs in the textile industry since the 1970s. The establishment of new businesses could not compensate for the rate of migration.


  • Church of Saint -Jean -Baptiste of the 19th century
  • Mine Hautes- Mynes you Bresse
  • Erected statue of Jules Ferry, 1813

Economy and infrastructure


Only a few residents of La Bresse are employed in agriculture and forestry. North of the village, the industrial park le Prey (Zone d' aménagement concerts le Prey ) was established. Among the currently residing in La Bresse companies with over 100 employees:

  • S. A. Curien ( civil engineering )
  • Neotec France S. A. (Sheet metal processing, surface treatment )
  • Sovos - Tanneries Grosjean ( one of the largest tanneries in France )
  • Tissage Mouline Thillot ( founded in 1926 Weaving)

In addition, many employed workers commute to other commercial areas of the upper Moselle valley.


La Bresse put increasingly in recent years on tourism and is now accessible to tourists by hotels, guesthouses, cottages and a campground. A Tourist Office (Office de tourisme ) in place coordinates the activities.

With 3745 inhabitants ( 2006), La Bresse, the largest commune in the Moselle valley above Remiremont and with its shopping and cultural activities an urban center in the region. La Bresse is also a training location with three primary and a secondary school and a kindergarten.

The traffic Le Thillots is characterized by the high traffic Route Nationale 66 ( European route 512) from Epinal on the Col de Bussang to Mulhouse, which runs right through the town, which in the rush hour in particular leads to significant disability. For many years, a bypass of the RN 66 is planned. The major route is in La Bresse crossed by the department road 468 that leads from Gerardmer by Lure in Franche -Comté.

The former station building and the street name Rue de la Gare remember the disused railway line from Remiremont after Bussang.

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