Maroncourt is a commune in the Vosges department in the Lorraine region. It belongs to the district Epinal, to Canton Dompaire and in 2000 founded Kommunalverband Secteur de Dompaire.

With 11 inhabitants ( 1 January 2011) is Maroncourt the smallest of the 515 municipalities in the department of Vosges.

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Maroncourt is located at 280 m above sea level on the right bank of the Moselle Creek Madon, about six kilometers south of Mirecourt, 23 kilometers north-west of Epinal. The relief to Maroncourt is only slightly broken, the highest elevation is achieved with 338 m above sea level in the far southeast of the community in a forest, which covers a third of the 2.24 km ² of the municipal area.

Neighboring communities of Maroncourt are Velotte -et- Tatignécourt in the northeast, Dompaire the southeast, Hagécourt in the south and Valleroy -aux -Saules in the West.


An early mention learned the place 1159 as Moironcourt in a deed of Henry I, Bishop of Toul, to the Abbot of Chaumousey.

The village Maroncourt, formerly, was closely connected to the neighboring community today Hagécourt; both were the property of the Dukes of Lorraine and the chapter Remiremont. 1594 came Maroncourt the bailiwick of the Vosges, under later became the dean of Dompaire / Valfroicourt and belonged from 1751 to the French Revolution to the Bailiwick of Darney.

Ecclesiastical Maroncourt was part of the parish Hagécourt the Dean's Office of the Diocese of Toul Poussay. The church books were in neighboring Valleroy -aux -Saules.


Economy and infrastructure

This small village consists of four farms and related residential and livestock buildings and a small, built in 1790 mayor's house ( Mairie ). There is no church or chapel ( for Maroncourt the church of Saint -Jean -Baptiste in Hymont is responsible ), so it is a purely agricultural orientated group.

Transport links

Through the village the road D 40 Department of Hagécourt leads to Velotte -et- Tatignécourt. Here is Following the partially -developed two-lane D 166 of Epinal Mirecourt after about Neufchâteau. In the nearby community Hymont a breakpoint on the line of Nancy on Mirecourt and Vittel is after Merrey, which is operated by the TER Lorraine.