Les Forges (Vosges)

Les Forges is a commune in the Vosges department in the Lorraine region. It belongs to the district Epinal, Epinal to Canton -Ouest and the Local Government Association Agglomà d' Epinal.

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The 1995 inhabitants (1 January 2011 ) scoring municipality Les Forges is located only four kilometers west Épinals, the capital city (prefecture) of the department of Vosges. The settlement area of the municipality is grown together with the neighboring community Chantraine and Epinal. Also to the northwest adjacent Uxegney is a community -wide residential and commercial area.

The 7.14 km ² large municipality of Les Forges includes a part of the plateau between the Moselle and Avière which rises to the south and reaches the southeast of the municipality of 461 meters above the sea. In the north- east of the village of Canal des Vosges runs in summit level to about 350 meters above sea level. About half of the municipal area is part of the forest area Forêt de Ban d' Uxegney. The agricultural areas are limited to just 100 ha

Neighboring municipalities of Les Forges are Uxegney in the north, Golbey in the northeast, Chantraine in the east, the south and Renauvoid Sanchey in the West.


Nucleus of the community were three forges. The hamlet of Les Forges ( German: the forging) is attested since the 11th century. Today's church was built in 1892 by separation from the territory of the municipality Chantraine.



The municipality is located a few hundred meters east of the Bouzey dam the wetland Etang de la Comtesse, an old pond with a bog. It is accessible by a nature trail.

Economy and infrastructure

In the town there are small commercial and service companies. Les Forges is mainly since the late 1960s residence for many employees of industrial enterprises on the Moselle ( Epinal, Golbey, Thaon- les- Vosges) become. North-west of the canal was completed in October 2009, a new industrial zone (Zone d' Activités économiques; ZAE ) was inaugurated. Here, now, among other things, a metal shop and a hardware store have settled.


Les Forges is the site of a primary school.

Transport links

By dovetailing with the near Epinal Les Forges is linked by highways with all the surrounding areas. In Les Forges intersect as the main routes, the department of roads D 36 ( Epinal Uxegney ) and D 460 ( Golbey -Darney ).