Jeuxey is a commune with 683 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Vosges in Lorraine. It belongs to the district Epinal, Epinal to Canton -Est and community association Agglomà d' Epinal


The community Jeuxey lies just to the northeast at the gates Épinals, the capital (prefecture) of the department of Vosges.

The approximately eight and a half square kilometers of the municipality of Jeuxey includes a portion of the right Mosel tributary Saint- Ogon, which will run from the east turns into Jeuxey north and the southern hinterland which gradually rises to heights over 400 meters. The highest elevation is 420 meters above the sea on a Vosges foothills in the southeast corner of the church.

Approximately 200 hectares of community land area is forested, in the south of the community has a stake in the Forêt d' Epinal. The old village center is grouped around the church of Saint Guérin, the main settlement axis developed along the old road to Epinal. Besides a few scattered farms in the South, newly developed residential areas are located north and west of the village center. The surrounding area of Jeuxey is used for agriculture intensive.

Neighboring communities of Jeuxey are Longchamp in the northeast, Deyvillers in the east, south and west, and Epinal Dogneville in the northwest.



In the area of ​​the municipality are located with the progress of the Adelphes and the Fort Lasalle two annularly arranged around Epinal after the German -Prussian war large fortifications.

Called The Fort of Adelphes, even Fort Richepanse, located 419 meters above the sea in a forest two kilometers south of the village center. The fort was to secure the defense of the road from Epinal to Saint -Dié. Built in 1883-1885 to 1913 fort was constantly expanded and developed over the years. The crew consisted of up to 235 men. In 1943 the facilities were destroyed in the Fort by the Germans. The fort is located in relatively good condition today is in a restricted area of the air base Base aérienne 133 Nancy- Ochey, access is forbidden without permission.

Called The Battery de la Voivre, even Fort Lasalle, situated just west of Jeuxey to 364 meters above sea level in a forest on the border of the municipality Dogneville. Since construction began in 1882 and it was with a maximum of 100 men part of the defense ring around Epinal and had especially the task of securing the road to Rambervillers. The fort is in a very poor condition and owned by the municipality Jeuxey. The bunker entrances were partially backfilled to apply on the premises is a motocross track.



  • Château de Failloux in the southwest of the community near Epinal, built in the 18th century manor house with bell tower, Park and Orangery
  • Church Saint- Guérin with an organ of Théodore Jaquot of 1886

Economy and infrastructure

In Jeuxey there is next to farms smaller retail and service companies. The largest employer in the town is the location halfway towards Epinal hypermarket Carrefour with 250 employees.

Due to the west of the municipality Jeuxey the dual carriageway leads 57 (E 23) from Metz to Besancon Epinal. The star- shaped tapering to the location immediately west of Jeuxey city Epinal major roads D 46 (of Rambervillers ), N 420 (of Saint- Dié -des- Vosges) and D 11 ( Gerardmer ) meet in the municipality of Jeuxey on the N 57 New According to plans of the Carrefour supermarket is also to be served by a new route to the northern periphery Épinals.