Xaronval is a commune in the Vosges department in the Lorraine region. It belongs to the district of the canton of Epinal and charm.

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The 93 inhabitants (1 January 2011 ) scoring Xaronval community located about 35 km south of Nancy and 35 km north- west of Epinal, close to the border with the department of Meurthe -et -Moselle. The nearest towns are Mirecourt and charm in every ten kilometers away.

Through the municipal area flows the colon, which flows north-west of the village center in the Mosel tributary Madon. The Madon forms the northwestern boundary of the municipality. The Colontal rises to the south gently, while the right side of the river is flanked by a bluff that overlooks the valley at 100 meters. The steep slope is forested for a length of 1500 meters. Except another narrow strip of woodland to the west of the commune is the 5.25 km ² large municipality area predominantly arable, near the river and from meadows.

Neighboring communities of Xaronval are Battexey and Hergugney in the north, Avrainville in the east, Savigny in the southeast, Gircourt -lès- Viéville in the south, Vomécourt -sur -Madon in the southwest, Pont -sur -Madon in the west and Marainville -sur -Madon in the northwest.


1329 appeared the name of the village was first documented as Xaronvaulx on. The village was under the spell Tantimont and was part of the Bailiwick of charm. Until the construction of the village church in 1718, the inhabitants were Xaronvals the parish in the neighboring municipality Vomécourt -sur -Madon.


Since 1962, a nearly constant population is recorded in the municipality Xaronval.


Worth seeing is the entire original ensemble with the village surrounded by farms St. Nicholas Church ( Église Saint -Nicolas ) from the year 1718.

Economy and infrastructure

Xaronval has kept its character as a farming village. To live up to now most of the inhabitants of agriculture ( particularly grain and fodder production and animal husbandry ). Some smaller areas are planted with vines.

In the village there is a small museum, which is open from May to September. Shown is among other things an old forge and toys from past eras.

Transport links

Three roads lead from Xaronval in the surrounding communities. Dar port charm of the motorway-like national road 57 (Metz -Nancy- Epinal ) is located ten kilometers east Xaronvals. The nearest train station is in the nearby community of Diarville on the railway line Nancy Dijon.