Nomexy is a commune with 2220 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Vosges in the Lorraine region. It belongs to the district Epinal, in the canton of Châtel- sur -Moselle and the Local Government Association Agglomà d' Epinal.

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Nomexy is located on the left bank of the upper Moselle, 13 kilometers north of Epinal, capital (prefecture) of the department of Vosges.

The territory of Nomexy extends from the broad Moselle Valley on the tributary of the opening into the Moselle Avière to the wooded hills west and south of the village, rising up to 90 meters above the river bed of the River Moselle. Links of the Moselle runs parallel to the Canal des Vosges with two of his total of 93 locks on the field Nomexys.

The layers in the Mosel and Avièretal of 7.95 km ² large municipality area is used for agriculture or are dominated by residential and commercial areas. The proportion of forest in the municipality amounts to about 40%.

Neighboring communities of Nomexy are Portieux in the north, Châtel- sur -Moselle in the east, in the southeast Vaxoncourt, Igney in the south, southwest, and Vincey Frizon in the west.


The first water mill on Avière is already attested in 1263. It belonged to a priest of the Priory Aubiey. In the 19th century bought Mathurin Gentilhomme of an originating in the Vendée Müller family the mill. It is still family owned and part of a modern flour mill.


With interruptions Nomexy recorded for four decades a steady decline in population.


  • Saints- Calixte -et -Julien in Nomexy
  • Watermill

Economy and infrastructure

Agriculture and Fortstwirtschaft play as in the other communities in the upper Moselle valley today only a subordinate role. In the north of the municipality Nomexy the 70 -acre business park is ( industrial zone ) ZI Epinal - Nomexy. Here, next to small craft and commercial enterprises in the textile and pulp company Innothera has settled that manufactures woven and knitted goods. In addition, many commute employed in numerous industrial parks in other towns along the Mosel.

Transport links

In Nomexy the department streets cross 6 ( Darney - Moriville ) and 10 ( Mirecourt - Girecourt -sur- Durbion ). The two-lane national highway 57 from Nancy to Epinal leads with two connection points by the municipality of Nomexy. The breakpoint Châtel- Nomexy lies on the Moselle valley, following the railway line Nancy- Epinal - Remiremont, which is operated by the Company TER Lorraine.


  • Aurore Mongel, gold medal winner at the European Swimming Championships 2008 (200 meter butterfly )