Sanchey is a commune in the Vosges department in the Lorraine region. It belongs to the district Epinal, Epinal to Canton -Ouest and the Local Government Association Agglomà d' ÉpinalSpinalienne.

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The 839 inhabitants (1 January 2011 ) scoring Sanchey community located seven kilometers west of Epinal.

The five and a half square kilometers of the municipality of Sanchey includes a section of the valley of the Moselle Creek Avière including the eastern part of the reservoir of Bouzey. In the southwest the terrain rises and obtained at the limit of the municipality Renauvoid 461 meters above the sea. Through the territory of the municipality of Canal des Vosges runs in the summit level to about 350 meters above sea level. The southeast of the municipal area is part of the forest area Forêt de Ban d' Uxegney. The agricultural areas are limited to just 100 hectares.

The settlement area of the municipality is characterized by extensive and detached houses. There are no visible ancient village and no church. The existing within the municipality ancient hamlet, including the district Bouzey heard are grown together through ongoing influx from the room Epinal. In this case, a settlement axis in east-west direction has emerged that extends along the northern shore of the lake Bouzey to the neighboring community Chaumousey. Among the coveted residential areas include the North shore of the reservoir - now a recreation center - and both banks of the Canal des Vosges.

Neighboring communities of Sanchey are Darnieulles and Uxegney in the north, Les Forges to the east, the south and Renauvoid Chaumousey in the West.


A prominent date in the history of the community Sanchey is 27 April 1895. On this day the dam of the reservoir Bouzey that was filled after a flood with about 8 million cubic meters broke. The water and mud avalanche devastated everything in its path downstream of the Avière to its confluence with the Moselle. Particularly affected were the lower-lying parts of the municipalities Chaumousey and Sanchey directly below the dam. The disaster claimed 86 lives. In 1900 the dam was replaced, first with a 15 -meter-high crown. Between 1930 and 1939, was renovated again, the now 17-meter- high dam still exists today.


Called The Fort Férinot, also battery de Sanchey, located 380 meters above the sea on a tree-covered hill in the east of the district Sanchey. The fort was to secure the defense of the Straits of Epinal by Darney. The construction of the fort began in 1881, it was until 1917, constantly expanded and developed over the years. The crew consisted of up to 200 men. The fort, which survived two world wars without damage is in relatively good condition and is now the community.

  • Fort Férinot


Because of its location at the lake Bouzey, the largest surface waters in the department of Vosges and the proximity to the prefecture of Epinal, the population of the municipality has more than tripled since the 1960s.


  • Reservoir Bouzey
  • Fort Férinot

Economy and infrastructure

In the town there are small commercial and service companies, including in the areas of plumbing, tile and hardwood floors, plumbing / heating, and drain cleaning. A great importance of tourism at the lake Bouzey. In addition to holiday homes and B & B there is also a campsite. Sanchey is mainly since the late 1960s residence for many employees of industrial enterprises on the Moselle ( Epinal, Golbey, Thaon- les- Vosges) become.

Transport links

By Sanchey leads the secondary road D 460 ( Epinal Darney ). Has direct road links also in the neighboring communities Renauvoid, and Les Forges Uxegney.