Bettoncourt is a commune in the Vosges department in the Lorraine region. It belongs to the district of the canton of Epinal and charm.

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The 89 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) scoring Bettoncourt community located about 40 kilometers south of Nancy and 40 kilometers north-west of Epinal, close to the border with the department of Meurthe -et -Moselle. The nearest towns are Mirecourt in seven and charm in twelve kilometers away.

The Moselle tributary Madon forms the northwestern boundary of the municipality. The southwest and northeast of the town Bettoncourt flow the streams and Le Le Hainvau Xouillon in the Madon. In the estuaries the Madontal expands. The land rises gently to the southeast to a plateau, which overlooks the Madontal to over 100 meters. The community share of the forest area of this plateau is about 20 ha Except another narrow strip of woodland to the north of the municipality is 3.18 km ² comprehensive community area mainly of arable and meadow land.

Neighboring communities of Bettoncourt are Vomécourt -sur -Madon in the north, Gircourt -lès- Viéville in the east, Mazirot in the south, southwest, and Ambacourt Chauffecourt in the west.


The place concrete surfaced Court in 1232 first time in a document as part of the Bailiwick of Mirecourt.

Bettoncourt has no church of their own. The pastoral care takes over the church Saont -Martin the neighboring community Vomécourt -sur -Madon. The small chapel of Saint- Martin -et -Saint -Sébastien was founded in 1726 by the parish priest of Viviers- les- Offroicourt.

From 1790 to 1801 Bettoncourt belonged to the canton of Mirecourt.


Since 1962, a nearly constant population is recorded in the municipality Bettoncourt.


  • Chapel of Saint -Martin -et -Saint -Sébastien

Economy and infrastructure

Bettoncourt has kept its character as a farming village. To live up to now most of the inhabitants of agriculture ( particularly grain and fodder production and animal husbandry ).

In the village there is a retirement home.

Transport links

By Bettoncourt leads the Department of Road 55 of Mirecourt after charm with a connection to the motorway-like N 57 (Metz -Nancy- Epinal ). The nearest train station is in the nearby small town of Mirecourt on the railway line Nancy Dijon.