Grand Villers is a commune in the Vosges department of the Lorraine region. It belongs to the district Epinal, founded the canton of Bruyeres and to the 2003 Local Government Association Arentèle - Durbion - Padozel.


The 711 inhabitants (1 January 2011 ) Grand Villers scoring community located on the edge of the Vosges, about halfway between the cities of Epinal and Saint- Dié -des- Vosges.

In the municipality springs the Arentèle, a tributary of Mortagne. The effluent streams to the north in the area around Grand Villers come from a southwest -flung up to the Moselle at Epinal Vosges foothills, the attained heights up to 550 meters above the sea.

Nearly two-thirds of the 17.46 km ² large municipality area is forested, with the largest share falls to the Forêt de Faitre in the south.

Neighboring communities of Grand Villers are Pierrepont -sur -l'Arentèle in the north, Fremifintaine in the northeast, Brouvelieures in the east, in the southeast of Bruyeres, Fays in the south ( point of contact ), Viménil in the southwest and Gugnécourt in the West.


Today's church was built from the hamlets L' Etang l' Abbé Le Grand Mont and Le Petit Mont, who were joined by the road from Epinal to Saint -Dié.

Grand Villers can look back on a long industrial history. Already in 1821 began here at a mill papermaking. Even a factory that manufactured cardboard packaging, settled in the vicinity which existed until 1987. 1865 was added in a brickyard, which produced until 1974, when a fire destroyed the entire operation.



  • The Church of the Nativity of Mary ( Église de la Nativité- de -Notre -Dame) was built in 1878 in neo-Gothic style of an older, dilapidated church. Only the tower of the old church remained for the time being, it was renewed in 1924.