Tendon, Vosges

Tendon is a commune with 505 inhabitants ( 1 January 2011) in the department of Vosges of Lorraine region. It belongs to the district Epinal and Remiremont canton. Literally translated means Tendon tendon.


The municipality is located in the Vosges Tendon, about midway between the cities of Epinal and Gerardmer.

The nearly 22 -square-mile municipality covers a portion of the heavily in relief part of the south-western Vosges. Formative are the deep valleys of the Ruisseau de la Hutte and its tributaries, of which the Scouet is particularly noteworthy. The streams originate in 650 to 750 meters above sea level and bridge the gap partially cascades. In the far north of the municipality of Ruisseau de la Hutte empties into the Barba, a tributary of the Vologne, which in turn drains to the Moselle. The vast majority of the mountainous municipality brain area is forested. The forests are divided in the east and Forêt de Fossard in the south in the forests Les Grandes Hayes in the West, the Bois de la Charme de l' Ormont. The forests are interrupted by clearings, on which mountain farms and grazing are operated. Specifically named are the courtyards of the Champ Brayes to the mountain pass ( Col de la Bisoire ) to Éloyes in the Moselle Valley. The highest point of the village is a 807 m high hill south-east of the town center.

Neighboring communities of Tendon Faucompierre are in the north, Laveline -du- Houx in the northeast, Rehaupal to the east, La Bresse in the southeast, Cleurie in the south, Saint- Étienne- lès- Remiremont and Éloyes in the southwest and Xamontarupt in the West.


Today's church was built from the spell Tendon, also called Tandon. The spell to which included the hamlets and farms Tendon, Houx, Laveline Dehiex, Xamontarupt and La Poirie was dependent under the ancien regime of the Bailiwick Remiremont. To the parish were the inhabitants in the parish of Docelles, to 1707 in the 25 years previously established church Tendon a parish was established. In 1790, the municipality Tendon was created in its current expansion.

The livelihoods have long been the agriculture, especially livestock and logging in the dense forests of Tendon.



  • Church of Saint -Claude with an organ from 1891
  • Large and small waterfall of Tendon (La Grande et Petite Cascade de la Tendon ): the Great Waterfall at Scouet is 32 meters high and falls into several cascades. It has good connections to commit free and draws especially on hot summer days, many tourists from the surrounding countryside to.

Transport links

Tendon is located on the department 11, which is the shortest route from Epinal to Colmar in the Alsace region of Epinal by La Bresse and further than D 477 on Gerardmer and the Vosges ridge ( Col de la gorge ). The nearest railway station is located in the seven kilometers away Docelles on the railway line Arches Saint- Dié.