Arches (Vosges)

Arches is a commune with 1673 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Vosges in the Lorraine region. It belongs to the district Epinal, Epinal to Canton -Est and is the seat of the municipal association Voge vers les Rives de la Moselle.

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Arches is located about ten kilometers southeast of downtown Épinals.

The municipal area of Arches extends from the left bank of the upper Moselle up to the high plateau of Voge. The nucleus Arches is located in the mouths of small rivers Ruisseau des Nauves and Niche in the Moselle, Moselle valley, here the left is much wider than in south or north portions lying.

The landscape is dominated at lower elevations of fields and orchards, while extending a large, contiguous forest area in the higher northern part of the municipality of the Bois d' Arches. Also the south of the municipality is passed with the forest, so that the proportion of forest in the entire municipality area is almost two-thirds.

The 17.5 km ² large municipality covers next to the main town of the districts Aneuménil Arches and Le Saucey and the hamlet of La Garde de Dieu, Le Roxard and Laménil.

Neighboring communities of Arches are Epinal in the north, Archettes in the northeast, Pouxeux in the east, Raon -aux -Bois in the south, Hadol the southwest and west and Dounoux and Dinozé in the northwest.


Arches can be translated with arches / gates. The arches are due to a bridge across the Moselle from the Roman period. The vierbogige bridge is also the symbol bearing the coat of arms of Arches.

1080 Duke Dietrich II of Lorraine built a castle in Arches. At the remains of the fortifications today remember the street names Rue du Château and Chemin de Château. The provost of the castle existed until, 1754.

Arches was internationally known for his pure and strong paper that was produced there since 1492. 1778 ordered Beaumarchais in Arches 70 tons of paper for planned 70 volumes of the complete works of Voltaire, but this failed.


Since the 1980s, the population of the municipality of Arches has remained stable.


  • Saint-Maurice Church from the 19th century
  • Paper mill operating with visitors
  • City wall remains
  • Church of Saint- Maurice in Arches

Economy and infrastructure

In addition to the traditional wood and paper industry ( sawmill, paper mill) and smaller agricultural and craft enterprises in Arches are located. Some employed workers commute to the nearby city of Epinal.

Arches is the school location. On 29 April 2009 the cornerstone was laid for a new town hall and school buildings ( Mairie - école ).

Transport links

Through Arches lead parallel to the Moselle the dual N 57 and D 157 (both from Epinal Remiremont ). The Arches Station is located on the Moselle valley also the following line Nancy- Epinal - Remiremont. From this route branches in Arches from the railway line Epinal -Saint -Dié -des-Vosges - hall - Strasbourg. Both routes are operated by companies TER Lorraine.