Brantigny is a commune in the Vosges department in the Lorraine region. It belongs to the district Epinal, in the canton of charm and was a founding member of the 1966 created on 1 January 2000 and re- align Kommunalverband Moyenne Moselle.


The municipality is located four kilometers south Brantigny the small town charm and about 25 kilometers north- west of Epinal in the hill country between the Moselle and Madon.

The 3.01 km ² comprehensive municipal area covers a portion of the Madon Creek Colon and the south-west and north-east of Colon rising hill country. On a terrace above the left bank of the colon is the village Brantigny. Opposite ends of the coming from the east tributary Colme in the colon. In the north of the municipal territory reaches far and reaches up to a few meters closer to the Monument de Lorraine, a widely sichtbare13 meter high stele on the 384 m high Haut du Mont commemorating the Battle of the swathe of Charmes ( Bataille de la trouée de Charmes ) from 24 to 26 August 1914 at the beginning of the First World War. The hills to the west and north of the municipality are forested (Le Bois Boha, Bois du Haut ), in the extreme southwest lies at 402 m above sea level. M. the highest point of the municipality. The largest part of the municipal area consists of arable and pasture land; immediately southwest of the village are orchards and an old vineyard.

Neighboring communities of Brantigny are charms in the north, east and south, and Ubexy Rugney in the West.


The village's name appeared in 1163 as Brantinis first time in a document. At that time the area was part of the duchy of Lorraine and dependent on the abbey Moyenmoutier. Brantigny belonged to Bailliage charm. The inhabitants were like those of the neighboring towns Évaux -et- Menil and Varmonzey eingepfarrt in Dommartin, a present-day district of Ubexy.


With 221 inhabitants ( 1 January 2011) Brantigny one of the smaller communities of the department of Vosges. After the 19th century, the Einwiohnerzahl always over 200 lay the population thereafter decreasing continuously and fell below 1875, the 100 -inhabitant brand. Since then is again observed a slow growth.

Economy and infrastructure

Still Agriculture plays an important role in Brantigny. Some residents commute to the nearby city charm or in the industrial estates in the Mosel valley. Brantigny is located on the highway from Charmes after Dompaire. More road connections are available to Varmonzey and Vincey. A connection to the two-lane national highway 57 from Nancy to Epinal consists of four kilometers north of Brantigny. The six- kilometers from Brantigny breakpoint in Vincey is located on the Moselle valley, following the railway line Nancy- Epinal - Remiremont, which is operated by the Company TER Lorraine.


Pictures of Brantigny