Avillers (Vosges)

Avillers is a commune in the Vosges department of the Lorraine region. It belongs to the district Epinal, in the canton of charm and founded the 1999 Local Government Association Moyenne Moselle.


The municipality is located eight kilometers east Avillers the small town of Mirecourt, about 25 kilometers north- west of Epinal in the hill country between the Moselle and Madon.

The 6.92 km ² comprehensive municipal area covers a portion of the Madon Creek Xouillon and the east and west terraces rising plateaus that are used agriculturally intensive. The north, west and south of the village is covered by forests (Le Cotel, Bois du Haut de Camerelle, La Fontenotte, Bois Masson ), in the extreme south lies 383 m above sea level, the highest point in the municipality Avillers.

Neighboring communities of Avillers are Gircourt -lès- Viéville in the north, Bouxurulles in the northeast, Jorxey the southeast, Ahéville in the south, Vroville and Villers in the southwest and CHAUFFECOURT in the northwest.


Avillers belonged in the Middle Ages Bailliage Darney; church partly to the parish in Jorxey, partly to the parish Rabiémont in the neighboring town of Villers. The mayor and school buildings ( Mairie - école ) dates back to 1858.


With 93 inhabitants ( 1 January 2011) Avillers is one of the smallest municipalities of the department of Vosges. After the first half of the 19th century, still more than 400 people were counted, the population increased steadily since then and fell short in the 1940s, the 100 -inhabitant brand. This was not to be exceeded again.


  • Church of St. Dominic ( Église Saint -Dominique )

Economy and infrastructure

The community has their character largely preserved as a small farming village. Agriculture is still the main source of income of the residents. Avillers is located off of the nationally significant transport routes. Two kilometers south of the village street runs between Mirecourt after Nomexy in the Mosel valley. More road connections are available to Gircourt and Villers -lès- Viéville. The station of the nearby small town of Mirecourt is on the railway line from Vittel to Nancy about Merrey, which is operated by the TER Lorraine.


  • Xavier Alphonse Monchablon (1835-1907), French painter, born in Avillers