Archettes is a commune with 1091 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Vosges in the Lorraine region. It belongs to the district Epinal, Epinal to Canton -Est and the Local Government Association, Voge vers les Rives de la Moselle.

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Archettes is located on the upper Moselle seven kilometers southeast of Epinal.

The almost 14 km ² comprehensive municipality of Archettes extends from the right bank of the Moselle, which forms the southern and western boundary of the municipality, to the heights on both sides of the river Ruisseau d' Argent ( Silver Creek ), which crosses the municipality area from northeast to southwest and the Mosel joins. The Moselle valley in the range of Archettes lies about 350 meters above the sea, at the northernmost point of the municipal area is achieved with 507 meters above sea level, the maximum height which is in the comprehensive 100 ha portion of the community on a 50 -acre Forêt communale d' Epinal. Also the east of the district is dominated by forests: there is a 4 km ² large Forêt de domaniale Tannières.

With the exception of some mountain farms, the settlement area confined to the valleys of the Moselle and the Ruisseau d' Argent. Arable and meadow areas make up about half of its territory. To Archettes include the districts and hamlets Le Bois Forme, Mont le Rupt, L' Hermitage, Ancienne Tissage Sarrazin, Cense of Arpents and La Goutte. Neighboring communities of Archettes are Epinal and La Baffe in the north, Cheniménil in the east, and Jarménil Pouxeux in the southeast and Arches in the south and west.


The name of relationship with the neighboring community of Arches on the opposite bank of the Moselle is striking. The common origin is probably the Latin arculae, which can be translated with arches / gates. This refers to the arches of the Moselle bridge, which connects the two towns. It is believed that a previous bridge must have existed from Gallo-Roman times.

Before the French Revolution of Silver Creek ( Ruisseau d' Argent ) separated the settlement area into two parts, the different jurisdictional documents. The area to the left or east of Silver creek belonged to the spell of Arches and was under the Bailiwick Remiremont. Western or right of the stream began the sphere of influence of Baillage ( Bailiwick ) of Epinal. The separation continued even after the church planting in the field of forest management, in 1897 the problems were solved by the creation of the Forêt de domaniale Tannières.

The church of Saint -Léger ( Léger d' Autun consecrated ) was overhauled in the 19th century. The equipment belongs a Madonna with Child from the 16th century who came from a former convent Épinals. Parts of the altar and candle holders come from a chapel in the village, which was destroyed in 1789.

The coat of arms of Archettes documents the various aspects of the past and present of the community: the arch bridge over the Moselle, the forest wealth, water power, which once powered paper mills and the remains of a Gallo- Roman temple of Mercury.

On September 22, 1944 Archettes was liberated by the Americans on each September 22, a memorial service will be held in place.



  • Church Saint -Léger
  • Oak of the Virgin in the Forêt de domaniale Tannières, here each is a fair to be held August 15
  • Remains of a Gallo- Roman sanctuary in the Forêt de domaniale Tannières

Economy and infrastructure

Forestry and agriculture (especially dairy farming ) still play a role in Archettes. In addition, smaller craft and commercial enterprises have settled, including the arts and crafts in the area of ​​porcelain and tile decoration. Many workers commute to the numerous commercial areas of the neighboring communities in the Mosel valley.

Archettes is a primary school and kindergarten site.

Transport links

By Archettes runs parallel to the Moselle department Straße 42 of Epinal by Éloyes. In Arches on the opposite side of the Moselle is connected to the two-lane national highway 57 ( Epinal Remiremont ) and the railway lines Nancy- Epinal Epinal and Remiremont -Saint -Dié -des- Vosges Strasbourg.