Saint- Nabord is a commune with 4120 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Vosges in the Lorraine region. It belongs to the district Epinal, in the canton of Remiremont and founded to the 2004 Local Government Association, Porte des Hautes- Vosges.


The municipality of Saint- Nabord lies between the cities Epinal and Remiremont in the southeast of Lorraine.

The municipality of Saint- Nabord extends to ten kilometers in length on the left bank of the Moselle and the upper reaches towards southwest over the sometimes steep slopes up to a higher plateau of up to 250 meters. Here the landscape of Voge, the west continues up to the Monts Faucilles begins. Near the southern boundary of the watershed community area North Sea -Mediterranean, the district of La Demoiselle near the source of the Augronne runs already belongs to the catchment area of ​​the Semouse ( Rhône river system ). Parallel to the Mosel was the Canal d' Alimentation du reservoir de Bouzey, who dined the lake Bouzey.

The lower elevations along the Mosel Valley in 38.5 km ² large municipality area are dominated by residential and commercial areas, a smaller area in the north- east is used for agriculture. Southwest of the core location close to farmland, pastures dominate at higher altitudes. The west and the south ( Forêt Domaniale de Humont ) of its territory is occupied by more than 2,000 hectares of forest.

The municipality of Saint- Nabord include the districts Fallières, La Demoiselle, Le Château Lombard, Les Breuchottes and Longuet.

The nucleus Saint- Nabord with church and town hall is located about four kilometers from the city center Remiremont away. Longuet closes immediately north of the nucleus. On the border of the municipality Éloyes the industrial area is located ( industrial zone ) de la Plaine, immediately adjacent to Remiremont Les Breuchottes with the commercial area Ranfaing.

Saint- Nabord borders the following municipalities: Pouxeux and Éloyes in the north, Saint- Étienne- lès- Remiremont in the east and southeast, and Remiremont Le Val- D'Ajol in the South, Bellefontaine in the west and Raon -aux -Bois in the northwest.


The name Saint Nabord goes back to the Saints Nabor. The first written mention of the village dates from the year 1329. Navord About Saint, Saint Naboir and Sainct Navois evolved the present name of the place. In the time of the Ancien Régime, the territory of the present municipality was part of the ban of Arches, partly owned by the lords of the Voge, later the abbesses of the Chapitre de Remiremont.

The municipality was created in 1792 by merging the village of Saint -Nabord with four surrounding hamlets of Mill bans and belonged until 1801 to the canton Éloyes since the canton Remiremont.

Coat of arms

The colors and symbols of the emblem have the following meaning:

  • Gold and red are the colors of Lorraine.
  • The silver castle symbolizes the former tower of the castle Longuet.
  • The blue water wheel stands for the four places in the former mill spell.
  • Golden and silver crossed keys recall the collegiate church in the near Remiremont.
  • Clover and tree stand for agriculture and forestry.
  • The sword reminds one hand to the patron, the Roman soldiers Nabor, who was beheaded 304 and was later canonized as martyrs, on the other hand, in the most important son of the community, the general of the French Revolution, Jean Joseph Amable Humbert.

Decorated by Jacques Rivière heraldry coat of arms was adopted in 1996 by the local council and confirmed as a national emblem.


The population of the municipality of Saint -Nabord has grown continuously since 1962. After the cantonal capital Remiremont Saint- Nabord is the second largest municipality in the canton Remiremont.


  • Saints- Nabord -et -Gorgon from the 19th century
  • Arboretum, created in 1999

Economy and infrastructure

In addition to eight farmers numerous small and medium businesses are located in Saint- Nabord. In the industrial ( industrial zone ) Peuxy and l' encencement in the north and the south of Saint - Ranfaing Nabord commute many employed workers from neighboring communities. The product range of goods produced in Saint- Nabord include illuminated signs, roof tiles, Tupperware, breathable fabrics and fittings.


In the village two schools are available.

Transport links

Saint- Nabord is a major transportation hub in the southeast of Lorraine. Here the two-lane national road branches 66 (E 512) to Mulhouse from the also -lane national highway from 57 ( 23 E, Metz- Epinal - Besançon). The breakpoint Saint- Nabord lies on the Moselle valley following the railway line Nancy- Epinal - Remiremont, which is operated by the Company TER Lorraine.

Links, sources

  • Community presentation (in French)
  • Old recordings of Saint- Nabord

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