Bouzemont is a commune in the Vosges department of the Lorraine region. It belongs to the district Epinal, to Canton Dompaire and in 2000 founded Kommunalverband Secteur de Dompaire.


The 57 inhabitants (1 January 2011 ) scoring Bouzemont community located about 20 kilometers north- west of Epinal. Your location on a sweeping southward spur offers a wide view of the valley 80 meters below the lattice.

Neighboring communities of Bouzemont are Bazegney in the north, Derbamont in the northeast, Madonna -et- Lamerey and Dompaire in the south and Racécourt in the West.


Excavations in the nineteenth century suggest an early settlement of the area around Bouzemont. Artefacts from Celtic and Gallo- Roman period are kept in the Musée Departmental in Epinal. Bouzemont lay on the Roman road of Corre in Saône after Charmes on the Mosel. In the year 1015 the city first appears in a document. Another written testimony from the year 1065 named the village Bosonis Mons. There are suspicions that the name on Boso, the real or legendary progenitor of the Bosoniden goes back. The area around Bouzemont was part of the diocese of Langres, and came in the 10th century under Bishop Gosselin to the diocese of Toul. From 1310 Bouzemont belonged equally to the dukes of Lorraine and the Chapter of St. Gangolf in Toul. After the dissolution of the Diocese of Toul in 1777 Bouzemont was part of the Diocese of Saint- Dié.



The Romanesque church of St. George dates from the 11th century ( reconstruction and restoration in the 13th and 16th centuries ). It is classified as a monument historique.

Economy and infrastructure

The inhabitants of Bouzemont are predominantly employed in the agricultural sector. After Bouzemont lead three narrow streets Dompaire, Derbamont and Bazegney.