Mazeley is a commune in the Vosges in Lorraine. It belongs to the district Epinal, in the canton of Châtel- sur -Moselle, and since 2012 the Association of Municipalities Agglomà d' Epinal.

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The 265 inhabitants (1 January 2011 ) scoring Mazeley municipality located 14 kilometers northwest of the center of Epinal, capital ( chef-lieu ) of the department of Vosges.

The 10.4 -square-mile municipality covers a valley portion of the Ruisseau de Flauzey and the catchment area of ​​the Ruisseau du Virine and the area of that after the unification of both streams Ruisseau de Mazeley river, which drains to Avière. To the west and north, the bottom relief rises gently, the wooded heights reached on the western boundary of the municipality, which leads to the catchment area of Madon, 415 meters above the sea. In the East, a tip of the municipality reached the shore of Avière. Almost the entire north-western half of the municipality area is forested.

The center Mazeleys grouped around a crossroads and two cross-connections, so that the shape of an eight arises. The center of the village are the church of Saint- Nicolas and the municipal administration.

Neighboring communities of Mazeley are Frizon in the north, Oncourt in the east, Domèvre -sur- Avière the southeast, Gigney in the south, Bocquegney in the southwest and Bouxières -aux -Bois in the northwest.


During excavations in 1861 and 1988, remains of fortifications from the Roman road as well as the Gallo -Roman period were found near Mazeley.

1656 Louis the Pilliers is mentioned as Lord of Mazeley and Marainville, acquired by purchase François -Théodore Pilliers of 1705, the Dominions and Mazeley Tatignécourt.


Culture and sights

  • Saint-Nicolas church with an organ from the 18th century, which is classified as a Monument historique

Economy and infrastructure

Agriculture continues to play an important role in Mazeley. The village has not been "discovered" because of the relative seclusion as a place of residence for city dwellers around.

Transport links

By Mazeley the department Straße 6 leads from Darney after Nomexy on the Mosel. In Thaon- les -Vosges, five kilometers away is connected to the two-lane national highway 57 from Epinal to Nancy.


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