Ramon Champ is a commune of 1,993 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Vosges in the Lorraine region. It belongs to the district Epinal, in the canton of La Bresse and is a member of the local association, founded in 2006 Mynes et Hautes -Vosges du sud.

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The municipality Ramon Champ is at the upper Moselle in the Vosges mountains in the far southeast of Lorraine and bordered to the south by the region of Franche -Comté. The nearest large city Remiremont is 22 kilometers away.

The municipality of Ramon Champ extends from the valley of the Mosel, which is about 1000 meters wide here, up to the ridge lines north and south of the village. In the north, the highest elevation is reached in the community with 903 meters. In the south is at a maximum of 770 meters above sea level, the transition to a high plateau that forms the watershed to the basin of the Rhone. In the municipality open two mountain streams, whose valleys deeply cut into the mountains, into the Moselle: from the northeast of the Ruisseau du Menil, south of the Ruisseau de l'Etat.

One third (500 ha ) of 15.74 km ² large municipality area is covered by forests, which belong to the forest areas Forêt Domaniale you gehant and Bois du Menil. The close Moseltal allows only narrow arable land, to the lower-lying mountain slopes dominate pastures.

The old village center with the church situated on the left bank of the Moselle, while the much larger settlement area is located on the right bank.

Neighboring municipalities of Ramon Champ are Saulxures -sur -Moselotte in the north, Le Menil the northeast, La Bresse in eastern, Haut-du - Them -Château -Lambert and Servance in the south, Beulotte -Saint -Laurent in the southwest and Ferdrupt in the West.


The name Ramon Champ can be derived from the old French word for gorse, which is common in the upper Moselle valley. Already in Roman times led the way from Metz to Basel on the upper Moselle valley and thus by Ramon Champ.

The oldest building in the village is now the church of Saint- Remy -et -Saint -Blaise from the year 1685.

Before the French Revolution was one of the scattered settlement structure to Ramon Champ for possession of the abbesses of the Chapitre de Remiremont. Today's church was built after the removal of the places La Bresse and Ferdrupt.

Until the mid- 19th century, the inhabitants lived by agriculture and livestock while the peasants earned as a lumberjack, craftsmen, carpenters, shoemakers wood or teamster their maintenance.

Around 1830, the employment structure changed in Ramon Champ and in the surrounding communities of the upper Moselle valley, originated as a small spinning and weaving. After the Franco-German war 1870/1871, the textile industry experienced a new, improved flowering through the settlement of companies Alsatian owners who were fleeing from the Germans.

In the 1970s, the decline of the textile industry began. Gradually new jobs were created, including the plastics and metal processing and mechanical engineering.


The population of the municipality of Ramon Champ evidence of the recovery and the loss of many jobs in the textile industry. The population decline could be stopped for the time being since the beginning of the 21st century.

Economy and infrastructure

Only a few residents of Ramon Champ are employed in agriculture and forestry. In the southeast of the town of the industrial park ( industrial zone ) Champs de la Croix was established. Among the currently residing in Ramon Champ industrial establishments include:

  • TRW France ( automotive parts )
  • Francis Jacquel ( machine and tool )
  • Jean Paul Vuillemard (metal machining, laser cutting )

In addition, many residents of the upper Moselle valley commute to the industrial areas around Remiremont.


The high traffic Route Nationale 66 ( European Route 512) of Epinal on the Col de Bussang to Mulhouse performs the local situation of Ramon Champ. By 2008, various noise control measures along the E 512 have been performed. A narrow road leads north over the lying in 790 meters Col de Morbieux in the Valley of the Moselotte. The former station building and the street name Rue de la Gare remember the now disused railway line from Remiremont after Bussang.


Since 1972 Ramon Champ maintains a community partnership with Ober-Olm in Rheinhessen.

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