Dompaire is a commune in the Vosges department of the Lorraine region. It belongs to the district Epinal, capital is ( chef-lieu ) of the Canton Dompaire and which was established in 2000 Kommunalverband Secteur de Dompaire.


The 1112 inhabitants (1 January 2011 ) scoring Dompaire municipality located in the valley of the lattice, a tributary of Madon, about 20 kilometers west of Epinal and ten kilometers southeast of the town of Mirecourt.

The settlement area of ​​the neighboring village of Madonna -et- Lamerey seamlessly from the center Dompaires.

To Dompaire include the districts Laviéville and Naglaincourt. Neighboring communities of Dompaire are Racécourt in the north, Bouzemont in the northeast, Madonna -et- Lamerey in the East, Ville- sur- Illon in the south, Les Ableuvenettes and Gelvécourt -et- Adompt the southwest, Hagécourt in the west and Maroncourt and Velotte -et- Tatignécourt in the northwest.


Today's church was built in 1836 from the existing end of the 18th century church Lavieville -et- Naglaincourt.



  • L' église Saint Jean -Baptiste de Laviéville, John the Baptist church, dedicated to the 12th century, recognized as a monument historique
  • Town church Saint- Nicolas, 1850 equipped with an organ built in 1821 by Jean Baptiste Jean Pierre. It is now the only surviving of the organ builder from Vagney.
  • Church of Saint Jean -Baptiste de Laviéville
  • Church of Saint -Nicolas

Transport links

South of the village core, the partially -developed two-lane secondary road D 166 from Epinal Mirecourt runs after / Neufchâteau. At the junction Dompaire branches off the D 28 / D 3 from to Vittel and Autoroute A31.