Chavelot Lorraine is a municipality with 1489 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Vosges. It belongs to the district Epinal, in the canton of Châtel- sur -Moselle, and since January 1, 2012 Association of Municipalities Agglomà d' Epinal

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The community Chavelot is located seven kilometers north of the center Épinals, the capital city (prefecture) of the department of Vosges. The 6.16 -square-mile municipality of Chavelot covers an area between the Moselle River, which limits the municipal area in the east, to the west of the Moselle parallel Canal des Vosges and the westward gradually increasing forest area of ​​the Forêt de Souche - Thaon on which the community has a share of about 50 hectares. Between the River Moselle and Canal des Vosges, are of the three of his total of 93 locks on the field Cavelots, three gravel pits were dug for Mining, Extraction, whose area is about 35 ha together.

The settlement area around the old village of Chavelot is concentrated in the northern half of its territory on the left bank of the Moselle, the valley floor is only 200 meters wide. In the north of the settlement area flows seamlessly into the community Thaon- les -Vosges, in the south Chavelot is connected through industrial areas directly Golbey, so that a contiguous built-up area along the river of about 18 kilometers in length results.

Chavelot has a typical suburban character, next to the little old village around the church is dominated by single-family homes in the community that emerged in the last 40 years.

Neighboring communities of Chavelot are Thaon- les -Vosges in the north, Girmont in the northeast, Dogneville in the east, the south and Golbey Domèvre -sur- Avière the southwest and west.


Chavelot was on the Roman road that ran along the river to the north.



  • Church Saint- Èvre (St. Aper )

Economy and infrastructure

In Chavelot there are many smaller and medium-sized industrial, commercial and service companies. Due to its central location and great transport links especially logistics and transport companies have settled in Chavelot. The company Accor operates in the industrial area of La Cobrelle a Formula 1 Hotel. The product range of establishments in the three industrial estates Fougère, La Cobrelle and Prés de Droué today include concrete, plaster, radio, television and communication equipment, furniture, mattresses, furs and timber products.


In Chavelot there is a kindergarten, a primary school and a music school.

Transport links

The proximity to Epinal Chavelot is connected by highways with all the surrounding areas. To extend the two-lane Route nationale ( National Road ) 57 (E 23) from Metz to Besancon Epinal and the secondary road D 166a (after Neufchâteau ) by the municipality of Chavelot. The railway line Nancy- Epinal - Remiremont, which is operated by the Company TER Lorraine leads without breakpoint by Chavelot, the next station on this route lies in the neighboring Thaon- les- Vosges.