TER Lorraine

The TER Lorraine is a transportation company that for the French region of Lorraine, the logistics of local public transport (LPT ) provides.

The four Meurthe -et -Moselle (54 ), Meuse (55 ), Moselle (57) and Vosges (88 ) inside of Lorraine are served by TER Lorraine. An exception are the stations Audun -le- Tiche ( German - Oth ) and Volmer -les -Mines (wool meringues ), the only of Luxembourg by the Luxembourg State Railways - be approached - Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois. Overall, there is a route network of 1,850 kilometers. This corresponds to a share of 5.8 % in relation to the route network throughout France.


Since the introduction in TER Lorraine huge efforts to improve infrastructure have already been made. The new TGV route that leads to a west-east direction through Lorraine and does not affect any previously existing station has made major adjustments of the train service also required for regional trains.

Currently, there are 169 railway stations. On a country's total area of ​​23,550 km ² which corresponds to about the occurrence of a railway station 139 km ² (for comparison: in Alsace, a railway station is on average 50 km ²).

TER Lorraine is installed since 1 January 2002 and operates under the name Metrolor. The average daily ridership is 40,000. In the year of market entry were 102 train sets with a total of 20,000 seats. The end of 2005 there were 122 separate units with 26,000 seats or 27,000 seats, including the material of German train and CFL on the routes in France. 2005, there are ten different types of vehicles with an average age of 27 years, until the end of 2008, all old cars have been scrapped or refurbished. The current fleet:

An overview of all stations can be found here (in French ): All stations in Lorraine in alphabetical order


Of the 12.5 million TER passengers in 2003 went:

  • 72 % within its own structure (Lorraine ) ( 9.11 million )
  • 17.7% of cross -border, in particular to Luxembourg ( 2.22 million )
  • 10.3% over the boundaries of the regional TER Lorrain away namely Alsace, Champagne- Ardenne Franche-Comté and after ( 1.2 million).


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