TER Haute-Normandie

TER Haute -Normandie is a transportation company that for the French region of Haute -Normandie logistics of local public transport (LPT ) provides. Like the other TER companies in France is co-financed by the regional government and operated by the state railway SNCF.

The Company TER Haute -Normandie operates their lines in an area of ​​approximately 12,300 km ² and stops at 76 stations. Thus, each station must provide an average area of ​​162 km ². The limits of the transport area, the two departments of Eure (27 ) and Seine- Maritime ( 76).

Also in the Haute -Normandie, the TER age began on 1 January 2002. On this day the practical cooperation between SNCF and the regional administration began. In addition to the SNCF train service all there is in the Haute -Normandie also two bus companies that take four buses transporting passengers on the road.


The requirements of a modernized transport concept were largely not been implemented in the Haute -Normandie. Thus one has yet been set for the year 2008 for example, the task of introducing a single -interval timetable. The modernization of rolling stock is not yet complete. In May 2008, a 100 - million - euro loan for the vehicle plan by the European Investment Bank ( EIB) was granted. A second 100 - million - euro charge is to follow. By 2010, one wants to have the entire rolling stock replaced or totally renovated by newer, until 2015, a completely - Accessible Transport be possible. The reopening of the mid-1960s, closed rail link Rouen Louviers Évreux was planned. Initial planning results were expected to be available in 2008; by his own admission, should there be for this route one days potential of 2,500 passengers. The route to the commissioning of the new line Paris - reopened Normandy.

Rolling stock

All cars should be replaced or modernized by the year 2010. The costs amount to approximately 400 million euros. The vehicle fleet will then consist of:

  • 33 railcars with large capacity ( Automoteurs de grande capacité AGC), 23 and 10 Z 27500 82500 B with dual drive (electric and diesel)
  • 41 double-deck coaches ( Rames omnibus of 2 niveaux VO2N )