Aydoilles is a commune with 1068 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Vosges in Lorraine. It belongs to the district Epinal, in the canton of Bruyeres and community association Agglomà d' Epinal.


The community Aydoilles lies about eight kilometers northeast of Epinal, capital (prefecture) of the department of Vosges. The ten -square-mile municipality of Aydoilles stretches along the edge of a far -flung to the southwest spur of the Vosges. Due to the extensive settlement of the Ruisseau des Bolottes, a tributary of the Saint- Oger, which drains to the Moselle flows. The creeks in the north of the municipal territory ( Ruisseau de Lambiéval, Ruisseau de Prays ) flow from over the Durbion the Moselle. The highest elevation is 491 meters above sea level in the heavily forested south of the municipality ( Forêt d' Communale Aydoilles as part of the great Forêt d' Epinal ). In the north there are large forest areas (La Quillonhaye ).

To Aydoilles include the hamlets and farms Les Bolottes, L' Etang Bataille, Le Rond Cheine, Le Moulin Neuf and La Croix.

Neighboring communities of Aydoilles are Dompierre in the north, the east Fontenay, Le Roulier in the southeast, Charmois -devant- Bruyeres in the south, La Baffe and Epinal in the southwest, Deyvillers and Longchamp in the west and Vaudéville and SERCOEUR in the northwest.


The place Aydoilles was mentioned as Aidella documented already in the 12th century. The settlement was located until 1710 in the department of the Vosges Bruyeres - bailiwick. The Church of St. George belonged to the deanery of the diocese of Toul in Epinal, later the diocese of Saint- Dié.

1793 Aydoilles was still part of the canton Girecourt, came in 1801 to the canton of Bruyeres.

From 2005 to 2011 was Aydoilles member congregation of the Association of Municipalities of Estonia Epinal Développement.



  • St. George's Church ( Église Saint -Georges ) reconstructed from the 15th century, in 1836, in 1978 with his organ of Bruyeres.

Economy and infrastructure

In Aydoilles there is next to farms smaller retail and service companies, as well as a large Inter Marché supermarket. In addition, many residents commute to the nearby industrial town of Epinal.

Through the community Aydoilles the highway from Epinal leads to Saint -Dié -des-Vosges (D 420 or former RN 420). Other roads connect Aydoilles with Cheniménil, Vaudéville and Méménil. Railway connections are made in the near transport nodes Epinal.