National Historic Site (United States)

As a National Historic Site individual buildings, sites or facilities are reported in the United States that are historically very important as monuments. Almost all National Historic Sites are owned by the U.S. federal government, they are managed by the National Park Service under the umbrella of the Ministry of Interior. The United States Forest Service manages an object that Grey Towers National Historic Site.

Legal basis is the National Historic Site Act of 1935. Whereas initially some of the areas have been designated by the Home Office, today announced the approval of Congress is required.

Currently (2008) there are in the U.S. 89 National Historic Sites of very different nature:

  • Bent 's Old Fort National Historic Site, and many other forts and trading posts in the Wild West are reminiscent of great social, cultural and economic movements.
  • Ford 's Theatre National Historic Site, where President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, is an example of an NHS that is reminiscent of a famous person
  • Golden Spike National Historic Site, the place where the first transcontinental railway was completed, is devoted to a single, significant event

Larger areas that are protected for their historical significance, are reported in the rule as a National Historical Park.

List of National Historic Sites

  • Andersonville National Cemetery
  • Andrew Johnson National Cemetery

Former National Historical sites are:

  • Atlanta Campaign National Historic Site (1944 set, 1950 transferred to the state of Georgia )
  • Mar -A -Lago National Historic Site ( established in 1972, in 1980 returned to the Post Foundation
  • McLoughlin House National Historic Site ( merged into the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site )
  • St. Thomas National Historic Site (1960 furnished, transferred to the Virgin Islands in 1975

Planned National Historic Sites are:

  • Ronald Reagan Boyhood Home National Historic Site

On Saint Croix Iceland on the border between the U.S. and Canada is furnished with Saint Croix Iceland International Historic Site is the only International Historic Site.