National Lampoon's Vacation

The Lampoon's Vacation ( Original title: National Lampoon 's Vacation ) is an American comedy film directed by Harold Ramis from the year 1983.


Clark, the head of the Griswold family has planned the perfect road trip to the theme park " Walley World" in California for this year's family vacation. But already in the preparations it comes to first complications. The car dealer from whom Clark has appointed a new sports car, cheating on him, turning him to an overpriced, error-prone rattletrap.

After Clark has first moved in St. Louis he had in the local red-light district for the right way to ask where he was brought to its hubcaps. After he fell asleep while driving at the wheel, one finally arrives on the big highway. During a stop in Kansas, where the simple-minded cousin Eddie Clark Griswold's visit, this gybes them on Ellen's quirky Aunt Edna - with the request that they deliver in Phoenix with her son Normy. After further difficulties, including a highway cop who wants to arrest Clark for animal cruelty, Edna dies before they reach the goal. Since none of the Griswolds not really know what to do with the body, they go as planned to the home of Cousin Normy. However, as this is not at home put the Griswolds Edna's corpse easy on the veranda of the cousins.

Finally, the Griswolds " Walley World" reach, however, the theme park has closed for renovations two weeks. After all the adversity in getting Clark goes mad and gives, with the help of a toy gun access to the park. He forces the security officials Lasky, along with try them all attractions. The park, meanwhile, is cordoned off by the police and Mr. Walley personally shows up to negotiate with the alleged terrorists. Clark appeals to Mr. Walley by reporting the horror trip of his family. As a result, this ultimately decides to not press charges. At the end you can see how all fun together in the park.


Janet Maslin wrote in the New York Times of 29 July 1983 that the comedy is a funny satire, but do not exaggerate with the gags. Chevy Chase play with more sharpness than in all his previous roles.

Prism was that the comedy " loosely linked [r ] slapstick " was. It would rather " drauflos geblödelt " as the American Society criticized. The lexicon of the International film describes the film " [ a] ls satire on the american way of life, '" as " slapstick comedy, occasionally a little too overexcited. "


  • As the location for the fictional amusement park Wally World Six Flags Magic Mountain served.
  • The production of the comedy cost about $ 15 million, she starred in U.S. cinemas about 61 million dollars.
  • The car used in the movie the family is a converted Ford LTD Country Squire Station Wagon.


It been four sequels were filmed; repeat in the first three films Chevy Chase and Beverly D' Angelo roles. National Lampoon 2 focuses on Randy Quaid as Cousin Eddie and was produced as opposed to the other films for television and not for the cinema: