New Zealand Cycle Classic

The New Zealand Cycle Classic (also Trust House Classic, formerly Tour of Wellington ) is a New Zealand cycling race, held annually in January.

The Tour of Wellington in 2007 celebrated its 20th anniversary. At the beginning it was discharged as a two-day race under the name Angus Inn Cycle Classic. Under the leadership of today's race director Jorge Sandoval, the race was in 1991 extended to four days and seven stages, and since 1993 it takes five days. 1999 was the Tour of Wellington for the first time on the calendar of the UCI, race, and also teams from Europe and the United States. The stage race is the only UCI races for men in New Zealand. Since 2005, the race is part of the UCI Oceania Tour and classified in category 2.2. 2010, the final stage was canceled due to bad weather. For 2012, the race in New Zealand Cycle Classic has been renamed.


  • 2014 New Zealand Michael Vink
  • 2013 Australia Nathan Earle
  • 2012 Australia Jay McCarthy
  • 2011 New Zealand George Bennett
  • 2010 New Zealand Michael Torckler
  • 2009 Australia Peter McDonald
  • 2008 Australia Travis Meyer
  • 2007 New Zealand Hayden Roulston
  • 2006 New Zealand Hayden Roulston
  • 2005 Australia Matthew Lloyd
  • 2004 Canada Eric Wohlberg
  • 2003 New Zealand Matthew Yates
  • 2002 New Zealand Robin Reid
  • 2001 France Christopher Jenner
  • 2000 New Zealand Brendon Vesty
  • 1999 New Zealand Julian Dean
  • 1998 Australia Hayden Bradbury
  • 1997 Australia Corey Sweet