Northern Lighthouse Board

The Authority Northern Lighthouse Board ( NLB, English:. Northern Lighthouse Directorate ) is a public body (non- departmental public body). She is responsible for the lighthouses and other navigational aids ( fairway buoys, beacons, GPS stations ) to ensure safe navigation in the coastal region of Scotland and the Isle of Man. The headquarters and the headquarters of NLB authorities located in the center of Edinburgh at George Street, a building in the Georgian style. The NLB oversees a total area of ​​77,700 km ² and 790 islands.

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The NLB was established in 1786 by an act of parliament as Commissioners of Northern Lighthouses, to oversee the design, construction and operation of the four Scottish Lighthouses Kinnaird Head, North Ronaldsay, Scalpay and the Mull of Kintyre.

The most talented engineer among the inspectors was Robert Stevenson, whose three sons David Stevenson, Alan Stevenson and Thomas Stevenson nachfolgten her father in the same profession. The Stevenson family created the majority of the employees of NLB on some outstanding projects. Your lighthouse constructions were masterpieces of their time, especially Bell Rock, Skerryvore and Muckle Flugga.

Between 1876 and 2005, the NLB foghorns entertained next lighthouses to warn ships in fog. The last horn you could hear the Typhon at Skerryvore lighthouse on 4 October 2005.

Inclusion Isle of Man


Until 1815, neither the British administration beacon Trinity House nor the Scottish authority of the Commissioners of Northern Lighthouses was responsible for the Isle of Man. The Commissioners decided two lighthouses on the island to build. The necessary foundation was created by a legislative decision in the same year. Was permanently transferred to the NLB empowered to build lighthouses on the Isle of Man in 1854. 1972 is rendered based on the United Kingdom Merchant Shipping Act of 1896, the right of nomination of the Vice- Governor of the Isle of Man for a person on the Board of the NLB, which must be confirmed by the Home Office.

Current situation

The Northern Lighthouse Board is responsible for seven Lighthouses on the Isle of Man from the Point of Ayre and the Winkie in the north to the treacherous Chicken rock outside of the Calf of Man in the south. The last tower, which was automated, was the Langness Lighthouse in 1996. The light buoys the Isle of Man each year are reviewed and maintained by the buoy tender NLV Pharos.


The Authority shall be managed by its headquarters in Edinburgh. Here, the administration has its headquarters, the technical activities of the bases in Oban ( Argyll and Bute ) from done. Here are all the workshops and equipment for the construction and maintenance of aids to navigation ( fairway buoys and beacons ). The ships of the Northern Lighthouse Board have their berth here. The depot in Oban has been modernized recently.

In accordance with the provisions of the Scotland Act 1998, the NLB is not a decentralized authority. She's authority in the United Kingdom and placed under the Ministry of Transport. In the practical implementation to work together in close cooperation with the Scottish Government and the Government of the Isle of Man in the NLB. It is funded by the Department of Transportation of the United Kingdom.

Navigational buildings and equipment

  • 209 Lighthouses
  • 162 Fairway tons
  • 37 beacons / fixed navaids
  • 4 stations for the difference signal of the Global Positioning System
  • 25 RACON-S presentations
  • 1 GLA LORAN station


The NLB uses two buoy tender at the same time as Beacon Versetzboote that use the prefix NLV ( Northern Lighthouse Vessel ).

  • NLV Pole Star, in service since 2000
  • NLV Pharos, in service since March 31, 2007, deck port of Oban. The ship is the tenth that bears the name. The ninth ship was sold in September 2006 as a support ship to the Falkland Islands.


Most of the Commissioners were set by their functions. The first Commissioners in 1786 were Scottish laws representative of the Crown, the sheriffs of the Scottish coastal regions, the Mayor (Lord Provost ) and Mayor ( Provost ) of the Scottish communities with commercial interests.

The current Commissioners of the Northern Lighthouse Board are the Lord Advocate and his representative ( Solicitor General for Scotland ), the Lord Mayor of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen, the convener of Highland Council and Argyll and Bute Council, all Sheriff Principal of the judicial districts and the representatives from the Isle of Man, appointed by the Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man and approved by the Ministry of Interior. In addition, there are up to five co-opted Commissioners.

Flags of the NLB

The Northern Lighthouse Board uses two flags:

  • Blue Ensign with a white lighthouse on the free surface
  • A White Ensign with a black lighthouse at the free surface, the Union Flag is shown without the St. Patrick's cross. This is the only flag in the UK, showing the Union Jack of 1801. The White Ensign is flown only on ships of the NLB when a commissioner on board.

Prior to the headquarters of the Northern Lighthouse Board, the White Ensign ( Commissioner's flag) and the flag of the Isle of Man is raised.

Flag of the Commissioners of the Northern Lighthouse Board ( Commissioner's Flag, White Ensign )