Muckle Flugga

The Shetland island of Muckle Flugga (north of the island of Unst ) is - after further Felsriff 's northern Out Stack - the northernmost city of the United Kingdom. It belongs to the group of The Holms of Burra Firth and is separated from the south adjoining Little Flugga only by a few meters wide, impassable channel. Little Flugga, Cliff Skerry, Skerry Tipta, rumblings, Vesta Skerry and Ruskock all lie south-west of Muckle Flugga, only Out Stack is located further north or northeast.

On the summit platform small rocky island is built in 1854 by the brothers Thomas and David Stevenson Stevenson and 20 -meter high lighthouse, the northernmost building of the British Isles. The island reaches a height of around 53 meters ( without lighthouse).

The only quite small and painted white Muckle- Flugga - lighthouse has a height of fire of 66 meters above sea level and has a range of 22 nautical miles with code two flashes white every 20 seconds. The tower is managed by the British administration Lighthouse Northern Lighthouse Board since planning began in 1851.

Ever since the automation in 1995 and the withdrawal of the lighthouse keepers, the island is uninhabited.