White Ensign

The White Ensign ( German: White Flag ) is the UK Seekriegsflagge. It consists of the St George's Cross of the English flag with the Union Jack in the naval jack.

The White Ensign was already used in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 by Horatio Nelson. 1864, she became the official flag of the Royal Navy and ousted the Blue and Red Ensign. The Royal Navy will set it to all war vessels and land installations. Outside of this use, the flag should be hoisted only by permission of the Royal Navy. These permission from an authority of the Admiralty from 1829 all the British members of the Sailing Club Royal Yacht Squadron on the Isle of Wight, which may lead to their yachts as the only civilian vehicles the White Ensign flag instead of the British national flag.

This flag can be seen on certain days to the London church of St. Martin-in -the-Fields, the home church of the British Admiralty.

White Ensigns of the Commonwealth countries

Some Commonwealth countries have adopted the British flag system and also own White Ensign introduced for their naval or land forces.

White Ensigns outside military use

The flag of the British Antarctic Territory ( British Antarctic Territory ) is a White Ensign with the coat of arms of the territory. It is the only White Ensign, which is a British overseas territory in use.

A White Ensign without the St. Patrick 's Cross with a blue lighthouse on the free surface is used by the inspector of the Northern Lighthouse Board ( NLB). The flag is unique in the UK, as it uses the Union Flag from the period before 1801.

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