OceanLab is a British vocal trance project from London, consisting of vocalist Justine Suissa and the three members of Above & Beyond: Jono Grant, Paavo and Tony McGuinness Siljamäki.

Band History

In 1999, Jono Grant and Paavo Siljamäki have together founded the music label Anjunabeats. A year later, Tony McGuinness came up to the producer duo and the three of them formed the project Above & Beyond. In the same year founded the Trio with vocalist Justine Suissa the project OceanLab. Their first single " Clear Blue Water " was published in 2001 in Captivating Sounds, a sub-label of Armada Music, and was remixed by Ferry Corsten, among others. The two following singles " Sky Falls Down" and " Beautiful Together" were remixed by famous trance producers (including Armin van Buuren and Signum ). These remixes also helped that the group quickly became very popular. However, the breakthrough came with the fourth single " Satellite", which was released in 2004 and peaked in the UK Singles Chart number 19.

Finally, the four decided to start a studio album. Due to other projects that were still in progress, it took almost two years to their debut album was finished. In July 2008, it was released under the name Sirens of the Sea. A year later there appeared a remix version of the album, which contained on two CDs, both previously published and new remixes.

Also from the newer productions in turn appeared to be very popular remixes. In particular was the Gareth Emery remix of " Lonely Girl" a big club hit. Daniel Kandi 2010 combined the vocals of Ocean labs " If I Could Fly " by Alex MORPH Mike Shivers remix of single " On the Surface " and released a mashup version called " If I Could Fly on the Surface".



  • 2008: Sirens of the Sea
  • 2009: Sirens of the Sea Remixed


  • 2001: Clear Blue Water
  • 2002: Sky Falls Down
  • 2003: Beautiful Together
  • 2004: Satellite
  • 2008: Sirens of the Sea
  • 2008: Miracle
  • 2008: Breaking Ties
  • 2009: On a Good Day
  • 2009: Lonely Girl
  • 2010: On a Good Day ( Metropolis ) ( with Gareth Emery )
  • 2010: If I Could Fly on the Surface (vs. Mike Shiver )


  • 2001: Teaser - When Love Breaks Down
  • 2002: Ascension - For a Lifetime