Oebalus (Greek Οἴβαλος ) was a king of Sparta, whose place is given quite different in the order of the Spartan kings according to different sources.


After a Variant that specifies Apollodorus, he is the son of Perieres, according to others the Kynortas, the " Hundeerweckers ". Still others call him the son of Argalos.

As a husband of Gorgophone, daughter of Perseus - after her marriage with Perieres the first widow who married a second time - he fathered with this arenes, Tyndareus and Ikarios, the future father in law of Odysseus. According to other data, he became the father of this and the Hippocoon with the nymph Bateia. Also Peirene is described by Pausanias as his daughter.

As Oebalus died Hippocoon ascended the throne. In Sparta was built a Heroon for him. His descendants are called Oibaliden, sometimes commonly the Spartans are so named. He was the namesake Oibalias, today's Taranto.


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