Onkel Toms Hütte (Berlin U-Bahn)

Uncle Tom's Cabin is a subway station in Berlin's Zehlendorf district of the borough of Steglitz -Zehlendorf, U3 of the Berlin underground is on the line today. It was opened on 22 December 1929.


Mid-1920s, it was not good to the average piece of today's U3. The track was highly deficient, from Breitenbachplatz even drove only a so-called " solo vehicle " (a car) to its final stop Thielplatz. The city of Berlin struggled very much against this route to take from the Dahlem or the Prussian Ministry of Finance, to which she was engaged. But in 1926 the situation improved considerably: The Prussian state was the route Berlin handed over free of charge and free of debt. At the same time the Sommerfeld Group offered, the great, nor is to be built in areas south of Berlin had, free terrain and a construction cost assumption for an extension to Krumme Lanke. Thus Berlin was given three kilometers underground.

In this context, the new Metro Station Uncle Tom's Cabin was built. The completely new sections including this station was opened on 22 December 1929. The designed by Alfred Grenander station added Otto Rudolf Salvisberg 1931-1932 by arcades on the sides. Today the company Ansorge Property managed the facility. These passages represent the center of the Uncle Tom - settlement dar. In 2000, the railway station, among other things by the architects Peter and Wormuth was redeveloped.

The name of this station out of the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin, the Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote in 1853 in protest against slavery. Based on this novel was called a 1885 -built premises near that. It was demolished in 1979. The landlord of this establishment was then called Thomas; he had once erected in his beer garden huts specially for weather protection. These were then called "Tom's huts ". Since the name of Beecher Stowe's novel - in everyone's lips was the name of Uncle Tom's Cabin has emerged. So later was also the cinema in the shopping arcade Uncle Tom cinema and the road that crosses the subway line, from Grunewald to the middle of Zehlendorf leader, called Uncle - Tom - road today.

The station is not yet accessible. According to the priority list agreed between the BVG, the Berlin Senate and disability organizations was originally planned to only equip the underground station due to the insignificant position 2014-2016 with a disability access, this was also a ramp solution in discussion. In 2013, the installation of an elevator began, this should be completed by mid-2014.


At the metro station is a transfer possibility of the U3 bus line 118 to the Berlin public transport.