OpenDoc is a software technology for compound documents, which of the CI Labs ( Component Integration Laboratories, Inc. ) was developed. This company was founded in October 1994 by the company Apple Computer, IBM, Novell and WordPerfect. Later, Oracle, Taligent, Adobe and Xerox joined this consortium. The first version 1.0 was released by Apple in November 1995 for the Macintosh. One of the most well-known applications that really took advantage of this technique was developed by Apple Web browsers Cyberdog. IBM brought in the aftermath versions of the operating systems OS / 2 and Windows on the market. Already in 1997 the development of SOM and OpenDoc was terminated.


OpenDoc allows the creation of completely new component-oriented and cooperative programs. This approach goes away from application- centric way to document- centric way of working. Some of the key features include:

  • The Compound Document Support
  • The user customizability and extensibility
  • The availability of many different computer platforms and operating systems

A OpenDoc document is made up of separate parts ( areas ) and is processed through a Part Editor. Each Part Editor is responsible only for the specific application of each part.