ORF 2 ( before 1992: FS2) is the second television program of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ( ORF).

History and " refreshment "

ORF 2 took began broadcasting as " Technical testing program " on September 11, 1961. Since 1 September 1970 will be sent daily, previously only five days a week.

On 9 January 2012 was similar to one ORF, a complete design change, internally called " Refreshment ". Based on the clear design of one ORF, a vertical navigation bar should now facilitate a central on-air element the audience the program orientation in ORF 2. The design is intended to emphasize the strong Austria - identity of the sender.

The color coding of the new design is entirely focused on red - white-red. This is visible in all animations - credits, idents, program announcements and to tow. The information based on a split screen, but move only up or down: Left Date and time are displayed on the right the program title. In this way, more landmarks are set as yet for the viewers and audience, because it will include the temporal navigation of the program notes stronger and clearer emphasized.


ORF 2 shines in contrast to ORF from one more Austria -related and cultural programs. The most important news broadcast time in the image ( ZiB ) is broadcast several times a day, with the ZiB at 19:30 clock is the flagship of the sender; Moderators of the ZIB 1 are Eugen Freund and Nadia Bernhard and Tarek Leitner and Marie -Claire Zimmermann. The ZiB at 19:30 has a double moderation. At 19:00 clock are with the state of today ( news for the states ) nine regional programs for each state window on the air. In the transmission area in Tyrol and South Tyrol Italy also belonging to the newscast South Tyrol is now broadcast from Monday to Friday at 18:30 clock, which is produced in the ORF studio Tirol in Innsbruck.

In addition, there are Sundays at 13:30 clock in Burgenland broadcast Dobar dan Hrvati for Burgenland Croatian ethnic group and at the same time in Carinthia and Styria the shipment Dober dan, Koroško for the Slovenian minority in Carinthia and Styria.


Via satellite broadcasts of all states can be received. Since the ORF purchases of items purchased the broadcasting rights for Austria, the program is encrypted via satellite broadcast. The decryption cards are only available for Austrian license fee payers and may be used only in Austria. With the unencrypted digital offering of ORF 2 Europe 2004 interested abroad will have the opportunity to receive ORF own productions since July. Many programs are also repeated in 3sat, or even directly taken from 3sat.

Since October 2006, the program distributed via terrestrial DVB -T in Austria. About the multiplex A, respectively the regional program of their own state, as well as a neighboring state will be broadcast nationwide.

In South Tyrol, the program can receive unencrypted on channel 34 nationwide.


ORF 2 HD is the second Austrian television station that spreads its program in high resolution. It is the HD simulcast version of ORF 2 and how the SD master transmitter assigned to the public program.


On 2 December 2009, an open HD tests began with a trailer which showed excerpts from the fields of natural and documentation. Limited was the trial offer to households who possessed an activated Cryptoworks ORF registry. Three days later, on 5 December 2009 at 0:00 clock, they took on the regular broadcasting. The program of ORF 2 is transmitted in high-definition 720p format. Since only a few formats available in high definition, many programs are scaled up by the Austrian Broadcasting.

One of the first broadcasts in 720p counted the ORF Joseph Haydn's Il Mondo della luna and Robert Dorn Helms opera filming La Boheme. The traditional Christmas Concert Christmas in Vienna as well as the New Year's Concert 2010 under the direction of Georges Pretre star conductor were transmitted in HD. A short time later they started to send all the universe productions also in native HD.


The transmitter can be received digitally via Astra since 1 July 2009. The program is, with the exception of the program variant ORF 2 Europe with the regional program for Vienna encrypted, and requires an activated ORF Digital TV card.

  • Satellite: Astra 19.2 ° East
  • Downlink frequency: 11.303 GHz
  • Symbol Rate (MS / s): 22000
  • Error protection (FEC): 2/3
  • Polarization: Horizontal
  • Modulation: 8PSK

In the Italian South Tyrol the HD version of the transmitter is in a single frequency network at a bit rate of about 10 Mbit / s made ​​by the broadcasting Anstalt Südtirol (RAS) unencrypted DVB- T receivable since mid-2010. In order to receive the channel there is enough of possession of an MPEG -4 -compatible TV.

ORF 2 in Austria over SimpliTV as one of three free HD programs terrestrially receivable, the technical range should be at 90 percent as specified by the platform operator.


Meanwhile, the proportion of HD material is about 70 % of the overall program, since the spring of 2013, the CIA will be broadcast in true HD.

During the Regional exit the regional program of the ORF Vienna ( "Wien Heute" ) shown on ORF 2 HD. The other 8 regional programs are as accustomed to seeing parallel to the provinces stations.