Ota, Corse-du-Sud

Ota ( Corsican EBFs. Ota ) is a small village with 580 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) on the Mediterranean island of Corsica and is located near the west coast of Corsica, north of the capital Ajaccio on a mountainside. The municipality Ota includes five kilometers west harbor location with Porto ( Corsican: Portu ). The Gulf of Porto is one of the most beautiful areas of Corsica and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Porto was a port in Roman times. The local castle was in the 15th century, owned by Paolo de Leca. Later, the Genoese were masters of the territory. Known as the " roi de la Balagne " robber Serafino came from Ota.



  • Parish church in Ota from the 18th century
  • Chapel of Santa Lucia
  • Church in Porto from the 19th century
  • Genueserbrücke Pianello ( " ponte Vecchiu " )
  • Aquarium in Porto
  • Genoese tower in Porto from the 16th century