P (disambiguation)

P is the 16th letter of the Latin alphabet and has the following meanings:

In mathematics:

  • P stands in symbolic logic for any statement or any predicate
  • P is the probability theory, the probability of an event
  • Is in set theory for the power set
  • Stands for the projective space or the set of all primes

In physics:

  • P is the symbol for the pressure ( physics ) (pressure )
  • P is the symbol for the sound pressure
  • P is the signal for the proton
  • Is the symbol for electric dipole moment
  • Is the symbol for magnetic pole strength, the
  • Is the symbol for the pulse
  • P is the symbol for the power ( physics ) (power)
  • P is the symbol for the parity (physics)
  • Is the symbol for the electric polarization
  • Ps is the symbol for the sound power
  • P is the unit symbol for poise
  • P is the unit symbol for Pond ( traditional unit of force)

In chemistry:

  • P is the symbol for the chemical element phosphorus
  • Ⓟ was in the 18th century a sign of platinum
  • A stereo descriptor to distinguish konfigurationsisomerer compounds

In biology:

  • P is the one-letter code for the amino acid proline, see # Canonical amino acids amino acids
  • Substance P, a neuropeptide consisting of 11 amino acids

In the International System of Units

  • P is the abbreviation for the intent Piko and represents one trillionth, see Resolutions for units # SI prefixes
  • P is the abbreviation for the intent and Peta stands for quadrillion, see Resolutions for units # SI prefixes

In technology:

  • Ⓟ is followed by a letter and number combination, according to ISO 16016 a Sympol for patent
  • Is Ⓟ according to ISO 1101 ( Geometrical product specifications (GPS) ) - Table 2 a symbol of the projected tolerance zone

In music, or music industry:

  • P is the dynamic character for piano, "quiet ", see Dynamics ( music)
  • P or p in contemporary music the abbreviation for piano ( pianoforte ) ( it is recorded mostly behind the musicians name in the liner notes )
  • P denotes the thumb of Zupfhand the fingering for guitar
  • P or the circled P ℗ along with a number of years the year of first publication of the recording, see Phonographic rights

In the arts:

  • Is p. (also pin. , pxt. , pinx ) the abbreviation for pinxit (Latin for " he has painted "). With reproductions of paintings it features the original artist and is placed behind his name

In computer science:

  • Designated P in complexity theory the class of all soluble in polynomial time problems, see P ( complexity class )
  • and for a paragraph ( paragraph engl. ) in the markup language HTML

In theology:

  • P denotes the so-called Priestly source, one of the three source texts of the Pentateuch ( next to E and J)
  • The papyri of the New Testament are abbreviated with Sigel P in fracture ( Scripture ) and a superscript number: eg 66

Distinguishing signs on motor vehicle registration:

  • International: Portugal, see list of automotive Nationality characters
  • Bulgaria: Russian Oblast
  • Germany: City county- Potsdam
  • Finland: Trailer
  • France: French Polynesia
  • UK: Preston and peaks
  • Croatia: Foreign Press Agency ( yellow text on a bright blue background)
  • Lithuania: Dealer (red letters on white background)
  • Montenegro: foreign press agency
  • Austria: St. Pölten (City, State Police )
  • Poland: Greater Poland Voivodeship
  • Portugal: Porto district ( truck trailers and vehicles for export )
  • Slovenia: Police
  • Spain: Vehicles with temporary registration
  • Palencia ( discontinued) province

In aviation ( Abbreviations / Aeronautics) P stands for:

  • Prohibited Area ( Followed by identification), a restricted area (followed by more detailed descriptions )
  • Pursuit, German " hunting ". Abbreviation to distinguish it from combat aircraft of the United States in World War II according to their purpose, stood as a letter precedes the aircraft. Today F is used for " Fighter", while B has remained for bombers.
  • Patrol aircraft which are used for maritime patrol / Information, see the naval reconnaissance or designation system for aircraft of the U.S. Armed Forces

In numismatics ( numismatics ) the code letter P stands for:

  • Dijon on French coins from the 16th century to 1772
  • Le Puy on French coins from 1590 to 1592
  • Palma 1808-1837
  • Pernambuco in the Brazilian copper coins from the late 17th century
  • Perth ( Scotland) to English sovereigns from 1871 to 1931
  • Perugia on papal coins of the Roman Republic
  • Pesaro on coins of the Duchy of Urbino, Italy, since the 16th century
  • Philadelphia on 5 - cent coins of the United States and coins for the Netherlands between 1942 and 1945
  • Porto since the 17th century for Portuguese coins
  • Poses since the 14th century to 1601

The currency unit is P, p:

  • P for botswanischer Pula
  • P for Paisa in India
  • P for Peso in the Philippines
  • P for Phyas in the former Burma ( now Myanmar)
  • P for para in Turkey, see Turkish Lira
  • P for Penny (coin)

In the textile industry:

  • Ⓟ is a textile care symbol for dry cleaning

In Roman inscriptions and texts:

  • P is short for Publius, Populus, Pontifex, Proconsul, and later for Papa ( Pope, especially PP Fr. Patrum = Father of Fathers ), Pastor, Fr.

In the German colloquial language:

  • Is a completely voiceless, but firmly closed lips busting "p " or " ph " an interjection used to express that something is a totally indifferent ( as much as " bah !").

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