Pedrafita do Cebreiro

Pedrafita del Cebreiro ( Galician: Pedrafita do Cebreiro ) is a northwestern Spanish municipality ( municipio ) with 1175 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013) in the province of Lugo in the autonomous community of Galicia. The municipality consists of several villages, of which O Cebreiro is best known, because it is the Spanish Way of St. James ( Camino Francés ) is located.


A large village Pedrafita do Cebreiro lies to the east of the province of Lugo, near the border with the province of León in the autonomous community of Castile and León at a height of about 1100 to 1350 meters above sea level. d. M. The provincial capital Lugo is about 70 km ( driving distance ) to the northwest; to Santiago de Compostela is about 144 km walk, or about 180 km route.

Community structure

  • El Cebrero
  • Fonfría
  • Hospital da Condesa
  • Liñares
  • Lousada
  • Louzarela
  • Pacios
  • Padornelo
  • Pedrafita do Cebreiro
  • Riocereixa
  • Veiga de Forcas
  • Zanfoga


In the 19th century the town had constant than 4,000 inhabitants. The mechanization of agriculture and the associated loss of jobs led since become a still continuing population decline.


Pedrafita do Cebreiro was for centuries one of several villages and hamlets in the area of strategic and commercially -relevant Cebreiro Pass, which forms the transition between the more arid plateaus ( mesetas ) of Castile and Leon to the more mountainous and rainy landscapes of Galicia. The inhabitants lived primarily as subsistence agriculture, where agriculture and cattle breeding (milk and cheese) were equally important. Because of its location on the Spanish Camino de Santiago nowadays tourism plays a certain role in the economic life of the population.


The route over the Cebreiro Pass has been used in ancient times; he made the connection of Triacastela to Astorga ( Asturica Augusta). In the 9th century the pilgrimages started to the grave of the Apostle James, but flourished in the 11th and 12th centuries. In the year 836 of the Asturian King Alfonso II founded a hospital for pilgrims in O Cebreiro. 650 years later ( 1486 ) undertook the Catholic Monarchs Isabella and Ferdinand made ​​a pilgrimage to Santiago and stayed at O Cebreiro.


Apart from the surrounding mountains and some built of rubble stone houses of the place itself offers no attractions. These are all located in O Cebreiro.