Palas de Rei

Palas de Rei is a place in the Spanish region of Galicia on the edge of the pilgrimage. It belongs to the province of Lugo and has 3613 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013).

The name literally means Royal Palace. But there is no support for the thesis that here King Witiza court had held, nor that the place in the 5th century was a bishopric. The first surviving written mention is found in Caelicolae of Alfonso III. Furthermore, it describes Aimeric Picaud in the book as Jacob Palacium Regis. Another mention in the same place castigates prostitution, which should have given it at the time of the Camino between Porto Marin and Palas de Rei.

Art history is relevant in Palas de Rei mentioned in the church of San Tirso Caelicolae. The municipal area, however, there is a variety of Romanesque churches, the most important being frescoed el Salvador in Vilar de Donas is. The castle of Pambre belongs administratively to Palas de Rei.