Boadilla del Camino

Boadillo del Camino is a small town on the Camino de Santiago in the province of Palencia of the Autonomous Community of Castile -Leon.


The village's name makes reference to the Way of St. James ( Camino = path ), for Boadilla one assumes that it is a diminutive of the Latin ( agua ) bovata, literally about Ochs water, and refers referred to seasonal swamps and Lagunas lakes, which can be observed in the Meseta from winter to early summer.

Boadillo was founded like many other places in the present province of Palencia in the last third of the 10th century. Prerequisite for this was the military successes as part of the Reconquista. The compilation of the local law, Fuero Municipal, dated for the location to 970, confirmed by Garcia Fernandez, son and successor of the first Count of Castile, Fernán González.


Boadilla living from agriculture. From 2,800 hectares 1,900 hectares are used for cereals (wheat, barley, and to a lesser extent common vetch ), a further 850 ha are irrigated and planted with clover, beet, maize and sunflower. The livestock industry increased its population considerably Boadillos: With 3100 animals ( 300 cattle, 2800 sheep) per inhabitant average of almost twenty head of cattle.

An additional source of income has been opened up by the catering and accommodation of pilgrims, the number has risen sharply since the early 1990s. The private hostel is quasi open all year, the municipal hostel accepts only in summer on a pilgrimage.


The parish church of the Assumption (Iglesia de la Asunción ) has three naves and houses next to the main altar from the 16th century another altar in the Renaissance style and a remarkable baptismal font from the 14th century.

Behind the church is the blind jurisdiccional, a late Gothic Court column from the 14th century, whose rich ornamentation mainly refers to the Apostle James. The blind was in Castile symbol judicial power, judicial and place of execution. To run the sentences passed, the condemned were bound to the column.