Redecilla del Camino

Redecilla del Camino is a place on the Camino de Santiago in the province of Burgos, autonomous community of Castile -Leon.

The local climate is relatively humid, almost atlantic, the temperatures have thus usually cooler than they are actually measured.


First mention is the place for the year 968, even if one assumes that it has previously given settlements in this area. The nearby mountains ( Montes de Ayago ) it is due, that none of the various invasion groups ( Celts, Romans, Visigoths, Moors ) were able to completely conquer the area: Each new wave of attack was to flee the respective inhabitants of the mountains and settle there. After the Conqueror had established in the plane, it came to exchange any kind

The further development and history are closely connected to the Way of St. James, even if he was as important pilgrimage route connecting path through this area before use: the appearance is being shaped by (the place extends along the road in east-west direction), he is the westernmost outpost of the construction of Santo Domingo have been, had a hospice for pilgrims (Saint Lazarus, stands on the property today again a pilgrim hostel ) and is mentioned prominently in the Pilgrim leader of the Pilgrim book.


  • Parish Church of Virgen de la Calle ( Virgin of the way ) with a representation of the namesake of the facade. Romanesque font, 12th century. The basin rests on eight clustered columns, which are up to towers, each tower shows four windows, the base is surrounded by a snake.

Baptismal font of the church Virgen de la Calle