Hornillos del Camino

Hornillos del Camino is a municipality on the Camino de Santiago in the province of Burgos, autonomous community of Castile -Leon. It is located about 25 kilometers west of the provincial capital.


Hornillos is first mentioned in the 9th century in connection with a line of defense fortified towers of the early Castile. Part of this line were also the villages Tardajos, Rabé de las Calzadas and Castrojeriz.

The place was then called " Forniellos " ( little stove ), which was related to the time of his operated brick and lime kilns.

Alfonso VII donated Hornillos del Camino the Abbey of Saint -Denis in France. Later a monastery was founded in the village, which was under the French Abbey Notre Dame in Rocamadour. It was performed in his weddings of twelve monks and had hostel and infirmary for pilgrims of the Camino Francés .. Alfonso VIII gave the monastery in 1181 the place which Ferdinand III. 1217 confirmed.

Overall, there were three in hornillos pilgrim hospices: San Lázaro, for lepers, the Holy Spirit, and another, unnamed known from which no structural evidence available today.

1936 were discovered as grave goods in hornillos Visigoth tombs with ceramics and precious metals. A figurative machined part of a tomb was built into a house as a lintel.