Caleruega is a municipality in Spain. It is located in Castilla - León in the province of Burgos, in the wine region " Ribera del Duero ".


Caleruega was founded in the 10th century during the Reconquista. It was a fortified settlement, which is to the manor ( castle ) and the tower of Guzman ( Torre de los Guzmanes ) grouped. This tower and parts of the old parish church of St. Sebastian are witnesses of these existing early years.

1170 was born in Caleruega Domingo de Guzman, who founded the follow named him minister orders ( Dominicans ).

As a result of the canonization of Dominic his brother Manes promoted the construction of a Dominikuskirche in Caleruega ( 1237 ). 1266, King Alfonso the property of Guzman convert to a Dominican convent and colonize by the Sisters of San Esteban de Gormaz.

In the 16th century the old church of Blessed Manes was replaced by a much larger one.

After the (partial) secularization of the monastery Caleruega grew steadily and peaked in the 1950s more than 1000 inhabitants.

In 1952 started the construction of Domikanerklosters, which was the Dominican idea along with the old convent of Dominican nuns become one of the world's leading centers.

In these years, the migration of many residents began in major cities of Castile (Madrid, Burgos) but also to Barcelona and Bilbao.

The monastery houses the largest collection of writings of the Dominican and a museum. In Caleruega the Blessed Johanna and manes are also (mother and brother of Dominic ) worshiped.

While many villages in the area die due to migration, there is since a few years a counter-movement. The place has been modernized, a public swimming pool and a new hotel to bring back to life after Caleruega.