Villambistia is a place on the Camino de Santiago in the province of Burgos, autonomous community of Castile -Leon.


The view of the village dominates the St. Stephen parish church of San Esteban from the 17th century. Before that, there is a fountain, which is also part of the local coat of arms.

The long relationship Villambistias to St. James illustrate two buildings that have previously served as a hostel for pilgrims.


Villambistia has a socio Kultures center which among other the folk dance group Danzantes de Villambistia rehearses traditional dances of the village and the area.

The Village Festival (Fiesta ) takes place ( a saint with a clear reference to pilgrimage to Our Lady and San Roque ) on August 15 and 16 at the Days of Remembrance of the Assumption and Rochus.