Bercianos del Real Camino

Bercianos del Camino Real is a small town on the Camino de Santiago in the province of León Autonomous Community of Castile -Leon.

The village is located on one of two variants of the Camino Francés in this area. While the alternative route follows a little further north the Roman Via Traiana, this track is "newer" date, but is mentioned in medieval documents about the Jacob pilgrimage. Under Charles III. (Spain ), this road becomes the Camino Real ( Royal Road ), that is the road of the highest order. The first part of the name was the site of the settlers from the Bierzo - the Bercianos - who settled after the reconquest of the territory here.

Coming from Calzada del Coto you meet just before Bercianos to the hermitage Ermita de Virgen de Perales. She was handed over to the monastery O Cebreiro end of the 12th century. The Perales Virgin is here very revered and called by the inhabitants of the area La Perala.

The Redeemer Church (Iglesia del Salvador) stood on a hill, in the many Bodega called stock cellars are dug. Shortly after the church had been closed for restoration, the tower collapsed in 1998 due to structural damage and buried the rest of the church among them. Inside the church there is a Baroque altar, a Renaissance statue of John the Baptist and the tomb were ( 16-17 c.) Of the former basic mistress, Doña Leonor de Quiñones. Currently, a new church is being built on the outskirts, due to unsecured finance the completion is not in sight. The bells were hung near the carcass in a free-standing steel structure.