Vega de Valcarce

Vega de Valcarce is a point of the Camino and capital of the same name in the province of León Municipalities of the Autonomous Community of Castile -Leon.

To the municipality except the main town includes the villages of Villa Sinde, Monon, Ambasmestas, La Portela de Valcarce Sotogayoso, Ruitelán, Las Herrerías, Samprón, Ransinde, La Braña ( Valcarce ), San Julián ( Bierzo ), Lindoso, Las Lamas, Otero ( Valcarce ), San Tirso ( Valcarce ), El Castro, Laballós, Bargelas, San Pedro Nogal, La Treita, La Faba and Laguna de Castilla.

Vega de Valcarce has a long tradition with the Camino de Santiago, alone in the absence of alternative paths in the transition to Galicia in this area. This situation used the feudal times to blackmail by the pilgrims from the Castillo de Autares from a Wegzoll until a royal ban was enacted against it.

Towering above the town of Castillo de Sarracin belonged to the Knights Templar and was attacked during the Irmandinischen revolt by the associations of farmers. Emperor Charles V stayed there when he traveled to the imperial coronation in Germany.