Pelle Svensson

"Pelle " by Oskar Svensson ( born February 6, 1943 in Sollefteå ) is a former Swedish wrestler.


Per Svensson grew up in Solleftea and began as a teenager with the rings. Soon he won at the regional level first successes and changed only to Heby BK and then to AIK Sundsvall, the club of the multiple Olympic champion from the 1920s and 1930s, Rudolf Svensson, who also was its sporty model. With 19 years of strong young man in 1962 for the first time Swedish champion in Greco-Roman. Style in the class to 97 kg body weight ( heavyweight ). A year later, he started for the first time in international competitions. Although he had already won an Olympic silver medal in 1964, the years 1969-1971 were his best. He won in these years four international titles including two world championships. At the Olympic Games in 1968 and 1972, he had no medals. His toughest opponent of his career were Nikolai Yakovenko, Ferenc Kiss, Nicolae Martinescu, Rostom Abashidze and Bojan Radev. Against all these wrestler he won or at least fought draw. In 1974, he ended his career as an active wrestler. He devoted himself to continue the Ringer sport as an official in the Swedish and the International Wrestling Federation ( FILA ), where he fought against doping in particular.

During his career Ringer law school had completed Per Svensson and today is one of the best known and most successful Swedish lawyers.

International success

(OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Championship, European Championship EM =, GR = Greek and Roman. Styles, HS = light heavyweight until 1968-97 kg body weight, S = heavy weight from 1969 to 100 kg body weight)

Swedish Championships

Per Svensson was from 1962 to 1974 three ten times Swedish champion in the light heavyweight class (97 kg/100 lbs) in Greco-Roman. style