Petra Boesler

Petra Boesler ( born September 19, 1955 in Berlin, after marriage Petra wax ) is a former rower from the German Democratic Republic. In 1976 she was in the double sculls Olympic silver medalist.

The rower from SC Berlin- Grunau won in 1975 along with Sabine Jahn, the East German championship in the double sculls. At the World Championships in Nottingham, the boat took second place behind the Soviet pairs. Third were the Bulgarians Swetla Ozetowa and Sdrawka Yordanova, who won a year later at the 1976 Olympic Games gold medal in front of Jahn and Boesler. 1977 rose Jahn, now as Sabine Gust, and Boesler in the quadruple sculls. Along with Viola Kowal Schek, Gisela Medefindt and control Elke Rost won the East German championship the boat. Before the World Cup in Amsterdam Medefindt left the boat and was replaced by Sybille Tietze; Gust, Boesler, Kowal Schek, Tietze and rust won the world title. 1978 Petra won Boesler and Gisela Medefindt the East German championship in double sculls. 1976 Petra Boesler was awarded the Patriotic Order of Merit in bronze.

1980 ended Petra Boesler their athletic career. After her marriage to the national volleyball player Hartmut wax they moved from Berlin to Schwerin. There, she has worked as a physiotherapist and rows in the master classes for Schwerin RG.

Petras Tante Renate Boesler won in the 1960s, four European titles in rowing, Petra's sister Martina Boesler 1980 rowing Olympic champion.