Phil Minton

Phil Minton ( born November 2, 1940 in Torquay, Devon, United Kingdom) is a singer of avant-garde jazz and free improvisation music, which began as a jazz trumpeter. As a vocalist he is regarded as " incredible and eerie sounds, for it far and wide is nothing like it " ( Bert Noglik ) as a fixture in the scene of free improvisers.

Life and work

Minton, whose parents were singers and sang in the church choir, was awarded the first trumpet lessons at age fifteen. Between 1959 and 1961 he played in Devon in Brian Weldon Quintet. In 1962 he moved to London, where he worked with Mike Westbrook, whose band he claimed interludes as a dance musician in Las Palmas (1964 /65) and Sweden (1966 to 1971) from 1971 to 1990 for many programs (eg On Duke's Birthday) and international tours belonged. By Westbrook he came to singing and for contact with the avant-garde or. Free Jazz scene in London.

In 1975 he founded with Julie Tippett, Maggie Nicols and Brian Ely the vocal quartet Voice. From the same year he acquired a solo program. Since the 1980s, he toured the world in varying constellations at relevant festivals and first worked here with Fred Frith, Roger Turner, Günter Christmann, Peter Brötzmann and Willi Kellers. Radu Malfatti and later with Phil Wachsmann ( Raphiphi ) John Zorn (Angelica 94) and Tom Cora ( Roots ). In parallel, he was involved in film scores and recordings of Lindsay Cooper, theater productions by Mike Figgis, the performances of Georg Gräwe Grubenklang orchestra, Tony Oxley's Celebration Orchestra and multidisciplinary work of the composer Konrad Boehmer. Since 1987, born from the collaboration with pianist Veryan Weston several CDs, one of which especially the choral oratorio Songs from a Prison Diary is to say, based on texts of Ho Chi Minh.

Minton 1997 was involved in the European premiere of Carla Bley's Escalator Over the Hill instrumental as vocal soloist. In addition, he has worked with numerous artists such as Thomas Lehn improvisation and Axel Dörner ( together, the trio " TOOT " form ), Derek Bailey, Erhard Hirt, John Butcher, and Bob Ostertag together. In 1998 he sang in the Berlin band Frigg imaginary shanties. He also worked in projects of Alfred Harth (Vladimir Estragon ), Franz Koglmann (O Moon My Pin-Up, 1998), Klaus König, David Moss, Simon Nabatov, Paul Hubweber, Uli Böttcher ( whistles ) and Oliver Schwerdt ( EUPHORIUM_freakestra Free Electric Super Group, 2007) and is in radio plays by Grace Yoon, Andreas Ammer FM Einheit and listen Ulrike Haage.

In workshops he taught as a choir director under the name of The Feral Choir (often very numerous ) participants in its kind of improvisational singing.

His singing style is full of ecstatic moments and imaginative sound enrichments with " ludicrous and ornate Röchelvokalisen " (Ulrich Ohlshausen ). In addition, he argues also soulful ballads. In 1988 he was recognized by the magazine Jazz Forum as the best male singer in Europe. He is involved in numerous recordings.

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