FM Einheit

FM Einheit (also known as Mufti ) is the stage name of Frank -Martin Strauß, ( born December 18, 1958 in Dortmund), known as a member of the music group Einstürzende Neubauten and music producer.

Since 1979, the year of the termination of his education, he worked as a musician in various groups and solo projects. In 1983-84 he lived in London, then in Berlin and Bavaria. At first he was a member of the bands down and Palais Schaumburg and drummer of the band around singer Mona Mur. Since the early 1980s he was also a percussionist (metal percussion ) and long- time member of the band Einstürzende Neubauten. FM Einheit has contributed a lot to the sound of Einstürzende Neubauten and was, in addition to Blixa Bargeld, one of the dominant personalities in this group. He was also involved in the 1981 festival Ingenious Dilettantes in Berlin. FM Einheit was also with Alfred Harth, Ulrike Haage and Phil Minton part of Vladimir Estragon and producer, inter alia, of KMFDM and Goethes Erben.

1984 Strauss played alongside Christiane Vera Felscherinow ( " Christiane F. " ) starring in cinema movie " Decoder" (directed by Musha ).

From the late 1980s he joined increasingly as a composer of incidental music, including for productions of Peter Zadek, Wolf Seesemann and Werner Schwab.

Was published in 1990 under his own name the CD "stone", recorded with Ulrike Haage and Katharina Franck from the Rain Birds.

As the FM unit Einstürzende Neubauten partly because of disputes with the frontman Blixa Bargeld left ( mid-1990 ), he has collaborated with the Danish singer Gry Bagøien. They have released two albums: The Touch Of E! (1999 ) and Public Recording ( 2001).

For his radio drama work with Andreas Ammer ( inter alia Radio Inferno (1993 ), Apocalypse live ( 1994), German warriors recordings Opera (1996) and Crashing Aeroplanes (2002) ), he has won several awards.

Frank -Martin Strauß is the younger brother of actor Ralf Richter.


  • 2000: Frost 79 ° 40 ' ( FM Einheit / Andreas Ammer / Gry / Pan Sonic )
  • 2002: Crashing Aeroplanes ( FM Einheit / Andreas Ammer )
  • 2006: Echohce ( FM Einheit / Jamie Lidell / David Link / Saskia von Klitzing / Volker Kamp )
  • 2008: The Sallie House (Michael Esposito / FM unit )
  • 2009: No Apologies ( FM Einheit / Hans -Joachim Irmler )
  • 2010: Evol / Ve ( FM Einheit / Massimo Pupillo )
  • 2011: Playground 3 (Hans -Joachim Irmler / FM unit / Ute Marie Paul / Katie Young)
  • 2013: Terre Haute (FM Unit / En Esch / Mona Mur)

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