Pietro Benvenuti

Pietro Benvenuti ( born January 8, 1769 in Arezzo, † February 3, 1844 in Florence); was an Italian portrait and historical painter of classicism.

Life and work

Benvenuti was a student of two of today's research is still unknown painter in Rome ( Cavallini and Lapis ) before 1810 went to Jacques -Louis David to Paris and joined his school. From Elisa Bonaparte, the ruler of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, Benvenuti 1803 was appointed professor at the Accademia di San Luca in Florence after he had acquired by two paintings for the Cathedral of Arezzo considerable reputation. From the Tuscan court he received during his life yet more awards.

Pietro Benvenuti painted many portraits for clients from all over Europe, but also religious history diagrams and decorative frescoes. In his art, he was a fanatic of the academic conventionalism and pioneer of the Italian Davidismus. Ever coined the influence of Jacques -Louis David, the painter all his life. The contemporary and traveling writer Stendhal saw the paintings Benvenutis and condemned them as " cold and dispassionate ". Even in today's art lovers, however, the academic -classical style Benvenutis pleased to be of great popularity. Numerous works Benvenutis are obtained, they are for the most part in public Galereien the Tuscan cities, many paintings are in private ownership.

The sculptor Antonio Canova was a close friend Benvenuti.


Portrait of Leopold II, Grand Duke of Tuscany ( 1828)

Portrait of Maria Theresa of Austria - Tuscany ( 1817)

Jesus Christ and the Samaritan Woman ( 1807 )

Works (selection)

  • Self Portrait with cylinder, 1802. Oil on canvas, 59 × 45 cm. Palazzo Martelli, Florence.
  • Judith presented to the head of Holofernes, 1803. Cathedral of Arezzo, Cappella della Madonna del Conforto.
  • The murder of Priam, 1811. Oil on canvas, 350 × 610 cm. Palazzo Corsini, Florence.
  • Portrait of Maria Theresa of Austria - Tuscany, in 1817. Oil on canvas, 167 × 123.5 cm. Palazzo Reale, Racconigi.
  • Portrait of Leopold II, Grand Duke of Tuscany, 1828th oil on canvas, 129 × 98 cm. Collezione Linari, Florence.
  • The school of Plato Judith, 1804. Oil on canvas, 71 × 54.5 cm. Ranieri di Sorbello Foundation Uguccione, Perugia.
  • Christ and the Samaritan woman, to 1807th oil on canvas, 241 × 181 cm. Chiesa di San Giovanni Evangelista, Montale.
  • The Adoration of the Shepherds, 1818. Oil on canvas, 183 × 240 cm. Palazzo Pitti, Florence